Daily Read: Chinkami, Utsukushii Otoko, Marginal and Poe no Ichizoku

I’ve been reading quite a lot of books these last couple of days so this is a collection of my thoughts on them.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here but I read (and buy) quite a lot of non-Japanese web comics. The online magazine Whut*Nani? is very good read and yesterday I just found a gem via Whut*Nani?. If you have time, check out Hazel and Bell’s Always Raining Here.

Chinkami‘s a manga by Nagai Saburou that’s filled with gag about lesser gods. The 4-koma part acts as an extended character introduction but it’s not as hilarious as the main manga. One sentence to describe the manga? Seinen slice of life gag that’s filled with gay men.

Why haven’t I read Takaguchi Satosumi‘s Utsukushii Otoko sooner! It’s a sci-fi BL story about a team of space pilots, Dance Mania under the esteemed M2 Rimstein, who was put under cold sleep 30 years ago by the military to preserve his talent. M2 was awaken for a mission to stop a coup d’état and lead a team three talented pilots, Stellasta, Malloy and Cloud. After the mission, the military put him back to sleep again but an unknown enemy managed to capture the sleeping M2 and brain washed him.

Of course this is just the plot for the first 2 volumes. Later, you’ll get to meet M1, M2’s dad, M2’s dad’s son who’s in love with M2, conspiracies, betrayal, love, sex. :D I’m a little put off by the ending but the story’s great enough for me to ignore that tiny problem and the corniness. The mecha’s drawn by Kakurai Missile.

I read Hagio Moto‘s Marginal just recently and Poe no Ichizoku. I can see why there are so many fans of hers out there who wrote a lot of in-depth analysis on her manga. They are just so finely crafted and well researched! My favourite of the two has got to be Marginal. The storytelling there’s more solid and less Osamu Tezuka-like fast paced sequences.

Marginal is about a mysterious world where the concept of men and women does not exist. A world that is filled with just men and one being who gave birth to men, the Holy Mother. But, Holy Mother’s getting to old to give birth anymore. The 11 cities of that world’s slowly crumbling due to decreasing amount of population. The situation gets even worse with the assassination of the Holy Mother…

This is one BL which I can have an intelligent discussion (about a BL manga) with my bf too. In his words, Marginal is an “inevitable BL“.

Poe no Ichizoku actually consist of a few short stories strung together with the recurring characters from Poe Clan. The Poe clan are a family of immortal beings that feed on human blood. The stories’ timeline jump around but there aren’t any glaring plot errors. It’s like Hagio Moto wrote a detailed story in sequence and she just jumble them around. The last few chapters are in sequence though.
A little update for those who requested a review. I’ve written the draft for Karada Meate de Waruika by Komizu Kiyo and a rough version of Miyagi Tooko’s version of Genji Monogatari. Currently flattening the covers to scan.


13 thoughts on “Daily Read: Chinkami, Utsukushii Otoko, Marginal and Poe no Ichizoku

  1. I love Always Raining Here! If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend Tripping Over You; to me, those two webcomics have a similar feel to them.

    I’ve read about Chinkami in your tumblr, and I’m already shipping Yakkun and Ben-chan because I love hopeless love.

    Wait, does that mean that Utsukushii Otoko has incest? One more reason to want to read it. I do have it in my wishlist, but it seems like is not being scanlated anymore.

    Marginal keeps coming up a lot in my search for BL, but I still haven’t added it to my wishlist. Does it have a depressing or bittersweet ending? One of the reasons why haven’t read any of Hagio Moto’s manga, even though I have some of them in my wishlist, is that most seem to have some kind of tragedy, and I have to be in a certain state of mind to read tragedy in BL.

    • Oh! Thank you so much for that webcomic rec, I’m loving it right now!

      Yakkun needs more love though, poor guy. :’D I feel so sorry for him. The reason why it’s so hard to take this seriously because of the character’s name.

      Nah, no incest in Utsukushii Otoko… It’s complicated but I didn’t realise Aarin stop scanlating it. I wonder why?

      Marginal ended happily ever after. I really love the ending Hagio Moto created. Her works are really diverse though, it’s just that the ones people generally talk about is Thomas no Shinzou and it’s more adult version, Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru which are just riddled with angst and tradegy.

      If you’ve read Tamura Yumi’s Basara, it’s somewhat similar. It’s more drama, action, sci-fi with a hint of love(?). I love how the characters in Marginal world do not have the concept of gender. Hagio Moto made it seem so believable, so natural.

  2. I like Hagio Moto’s shoujo manga, so I will check Marginal.

    “A world that is filled with just men and one being who gave birth to men, the Holy Mother.”
    What? *cough* Maybe it will be my first time reading m-preg.

  3. Ha, damn.. I wish I could keep up that reading pace. I’m a story or two short of finishing Poe myself.

    Utsukushii Otoko and more recently Marginal are my go-to sci-fi stories that contain BL or BL elements (I admittedly got confused with labeling Marginal lol Its genre is “HAGIO MOTO” to me XD). Except I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending.. I guess I felt like “Huh, so this is where you’re taking it?” and it was fine and all. I guess the standard to which I hold Hagio Moto is utterly ridiculous and would bury any other mangaka. :3 I have the same love for its story that WOULD allow you to have an intelligent conversation with someone outside the fandom. I feel the same about Zankoku na Kami, perhaps even more so.

    • But you read quite a lot too. The ending for Poe… ;-;

      Ending? Of Utsukushii Otoko? I’ll just take the scene from M2’s hibernating again to when he wakes up in the future as the an extra epiloque. UGH! Malloy died so lamely, WHY!!

      An LOL! ‘Hagio Moto’ genre. Well, thanks to her, the new manga I bought isn’t very… good anymore. It’s like I’m picking at stories for more substance.

      Oh, G-defend’s considered sci-fi too, right? I think I’ve stopped at volume 31, 32?

      • It takes me a while to “finish” a series.. I get behind/distracted. ;_; I meant the ending of Marginal.. the direction of volume 5 didn’t strike me as perfect and I expect perfect from her. ;) But that’s true–after reading her stuff, it makes some other manga feel very shallow. That’s why I keep her on a separate pedestal. :3

        Yeah, G-Defend is sci-fi, but the sci-fi elements are very underplayed in comparison to me. It’s drama and romance focused with sci-fi cop stuff to keep things rolling it seems. We need more SCI-FI BL, like with the spaceships and intergalactic adventures! I want my gay space pirates!!

        • Oh, I see! The ending for Marginal is really really… exaggerated too. The big fat old man with super powers swimming after Kira scene’s really hilarious too. :D

          Yeah, you’re right. It feels like a slice of life BL too. Gay space pirates *O*

  4. (Uwah, I didn’t see this earlier, but thanks for the little plug on our BL magazine, Cheezy! (;w;)/ So happy for the support♡)

    The way you described Utsukushii Otoko sounds so interesting! I don’t often see Sci-Fi BL, and even when I see it they usually seem to ignore any significance of the setting…I’ll have to give this one a try when I get the chance!

    • XD Thanks for the wonderful magazine too!

      I’d say you won’t regret getting Utsukushii Otoko but please ignore the ending. Sci-Fi BL is enough to rope anybody in (who likes the genre). :D

  5. Hi, would somebody tell me what the ending is? I have looked everywhere and can’t find it TT^TT It would be very much appreciated ^.^

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