Taira no Kiyomori isn’t Healthy for Fujoshi

Seriously, there’s no other reason to watch this drama other than to see Matsu-ken (Matsuyama Kenichi) dress like that, dance with a sword and bromance moments between him, his friends and Tamaki (who plays the role of Genji’s Yoshitomo). Shipping Kiyomori x Tamaki right now thanks to the trailer for episode 3.

Of course, the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous, kudos to the DOP.

Anyway, lets just ignore history and enjoy the beginning of this series. Don’t want to think about the civil war later. ;-; I shall rewatch the dance scene over and over and over again until the next episode airs!


4 thoughts on “Taira no Kiyomori isn’t Healthy for Fujoshi

  1. I literally gasped (with all my fangirl sexual frustration) when I saw him dressed like that! OOOTL HE LOOKS SO GORGEOUS and this look so bromantic.

    PS: He can make pine look fashionable.

    • LOL, pine!! I didn’t even stare at anything above his forehead.

      The lines Tamaki said after this scene… Bromance material D8

    • :D Yes! Hopefully more people will watch this. Kiyomori’s kinda dumb right now though, but it’s such an interesting perspective on a historical figure who was always painted as the bad guy against Yoshitsune of Genji. :D

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