Daily Read: DEADLOCK – Chapter 01

I’ve not read the novel nor listened to the drama CD for DEADLOCK by Aida Saki and Takashina Yuu, so it’s a completely new experience to me. After reading chapter 1, it’s enough to make me buy the novel! I didn’t order manga this time, so safe to say, I’m still fasting. 5 more months of endless torture!

Anyway, the chapter starts with Yuuto Lenix being shifted to the maximum security prison, Schelger Prison in California for a murder he did not commit.

In the transportation vehicle, met a fellow convict, Mathew Cane.

[California State]
[Schelger Prison…]
[When will I be able]
[to bask under sunlight outside again?]

Once they’ve reached prison, they were greeted by a bunch of rowdy inmates while being hauled to another building. One of the black inmates even staked a claim on Yuuto. In his words, “I want to stuff my gigantic meat stick into your pretty ass.”

[…If I really get pissed when I’m put up with situation like this, my body won’t be able to handle it.]
[’cause later, even if I don’t want to, situation like this will arise again…]
[In prisons, younger men are always the first to be used as a substitute for women.]
[I don’t want to be raped nor looked upon as a “woman”.]
[That’s why I grew a beard. I don’t know whether if it’s helpful or not,]
[but as long as I’m able to protect myself…]

The newly transported inmates were sent to be cleaned, checked for any harmful items and dressed in new uniforms. Then, Yuuto met prison warden, Corning while having his data looked over by the guards.

Corning: Just a routine check up. //
Corning: It’s important to have a grasp of the prison’s situation.
Corning: …
Corning: You’re Yuuto Lenix?

Corning: 28 years old, born in Los Angeles…
Corning: Seems like you were working with the Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) before you were convicted.

Corning: What kind of job is that? (*Lol, sounds weird ’cause it’s from Chinese but I have a feeling the original’s something different.)
Yuuto: I was an agent…

Corning: Che, how ironic.
Corning: The one who was convicting criminals is the one being convicted now.

Corning: Moreover, you’re guilty of murdering your own partner!
Corning: How shameless!!

Yuuto flashed back to the time he was being questioned for a crime he claimed he did not do, murdering his partner, Paul Michael.

Four months ago, Yuuto was sent to New York to investigate a secret drug ring as a DEA agent with his partner. They’ve managed to find the identity of the group and infiltrated it. Not only that, they’ve gotten a lot of important evidence to capture the members of the group.

But two weeks later, Paul was found dead by a stab wound. The murder weapon had Yuuto’s fingerprints and the case investigators even found heroin in his house. In the end, the judge and jury found him guilty of second degree murder.

Back to the present, Corning found it strange that Yuuto was caught and convicted in New York state but ended up in California instead. The latter revealed that his family were in Los Angeles and he wanted to be closer to them but the prisons there were full.

Corning warned Yuuto that he wasn’t allowed to cause havoc by revealing his previous work since both police and DEA were the same to inmates.

Yuuto and Mathew were the only one being moved to block A. Only criminals who were convicted of crimes of the highest degree and long term service were assigned to that block. Mathew’s roomed with a black old man while Yuuto had the honour of being with Dick Burnford, a white man who wasn’t easily swayed by others.

[…Will I be living in a place like this from now on?]
[Living with a stranger I’ve never met every day?]

Just as Yuuto was about to settle in, Mathew went to his cell to introduce himself. Yuuto didn’t want to get close to him because it’s already a hassle trying to protect himself. Mathew mentioned that in the guidebook, they weren’t allowed to kill anybody.

Mickey Rollini went to crash their party by revealing at 23 inmates were murdered last year. two every month.

Since it was almost lunch time, Mickey guided them to the canteen. On the way there, they met his cellmate, Nathan who will join them after returning a book to their cell.

Mickey revealed that he’s been in the prison for 5 years for an attempted bank robbery. He’s also smuggling stuff to sell from outside without the prison guards noticing. Well, Yuuto guessed that’s the reason why he’s being friendly, a way to secure potential clients.

No long after, Nathan joined them again. He explain the structure of the prison and the security checks to enter each blocks. Of course, there were ways to go round them.

Once they’ve reached the canteen, Yuuto noted the obvious racial segmentation.

Mickey jokingly warned Mathew that he may have to purchase the new NASA invention to protect his chastity, though he may not last three days even with that. Nathan told them that the amount of rape cases were so high that they shouldn’t move about alone and to be wary of mafia. If by any chance they were attacked, they shouldn’t resist and just hand their ass on a platter.

This was when the black man who mentioned his gigantic meat stick, BB had to appear to disturb them and sorta molest Yuuto.

Disgusted, Yuuto slapped BB away and BB’s minions were about to seek revenge when, drum rolls, Dick appeared.

Meat stick vs Dick, I wonder who will win?

Now, I hope they’ll somehow, adapt Aida Saki’s other novel, Double Bind into a manga too. I was waiting for Kasai Rikako to draw the part where they found the body of the first victim in volume 1, alas… No chinko down nodochinko. Can’t wait to see what the second chapter of DEADLOCK will bring us! Shu mentioned a sex scene which left her scarred.


15 thoughts on “Daily Read: DEADLOCK – Chapter 01

  1. NNGHHH! Is that prison!BL I see? (and a shu-scarring sex scene?) *u*

    I expect loads and loads of drama for these poor pretty boys!!

    • YES! PRISON BL!!! ;=; I want my novels now. NAOOOO!

      Aida Saki’s works has a lot of action and drama! So much to look forward to in this manga too 8D

  2. Looks interesting ! *o*
    And hot… I’m not a big fan of Aida Saki but the art looks great and the story seems promising.

  3. Ugh, what an unfortunate name. I’ve been wanting to read Deadlock for such a long time, but I’ve only seen the prologue translated. I just hope that Yuuto is smarter than Shiba; I’m still too disappointed with Shiba’s idiot ball in S volume 1 to finish it. Is the volume 1 manga out? I couldn’t find it.

  4. …You won’t regret your purchase!! I really loved the Deadlock series, and was so happy when it got turned into a manga!! ;A; It’s definitely a BL that focuses on plot, though I did wish it had more of a mystery side too to leave us guessing what happens(can’t have too much in one story I guess TuT).

    Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the series~ :D

    • ;-; I just woke up to an email from bk1 saying that Simplex is out of stock!! NUHHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m really looking forward to it thanks to your lovely comment now, too.

  5. KJDHFSJGSJDFGAJFGA AIDA SAKI. Ever since reading (then buying) S, I’m always hoping for more of her works to get translated… But it seems like it won’t happen anytime soon OTLOTL. Maybe this will get scanlated though :’D. Bliss did translate the novel’s prologue but… it’s been 283456348 days haha.
    Btw, MEAT STICK vs DICK? HAHAHHAHA THIS IS TOO FUNNY and why did Aida call her character DICK. If it was a het story, okay but since this is BL… I can’t help but LOL.

    • LOL! I know right! It’s so funny that BB called his lil’ junior meat stick, at the end, his little meat stick had to face off Dick too!

      Hm, I heard the translator hightailed away that’s why it’s stalled. ;-; Been nudging Kinky to work on the manga but he was like “other groups will pick it up anyway”. Sigh…

      • Well, it is true that another group will probably pick it up. I’d say to stick to the series you really love/think are really worth it :D. I just hope that the group that’ll be doing DEADLOCK won’t be Dangerous Pleasure or any group that has like… 23954356283 ongoing series XD.

        I’ve just tried to get Hertz vol. 48 (YONEDA KOU’S COLOR PAGE. NO WAY I’M NOT GETTING THIS.) but bk1’s being an ass with their preorder over thingy =____=. Thank you so much for you shopping guides, btw! It’s really helpful and useful ; u ; (I never really paid attention to bk1 until you).

        • Lol, yeah! Well, as long as it’s a decent scan job, at least not weird grammar mistakes, I don’t mind who picks it up! :D

          Yeah, BK1 is really really REALLY lame with it comes to pre-ordering, so much so that I have to plan my wishlist a month or two before the release date. Gotta use chil-chil’s future manga listing to plan it. But mah, I’ll always miss pre-order dates still. XD

          I’m really glad you found the tutorial useful. Everybody needs to know that there are other options out there other than Mr-cut-throat Amazon. ;-; CDJapan’s pretty good too, and I think the interface is in English? I wouldn’t move away from BK1 ’cause I have points there. XD

          • A month or two?! Wow. Can you estimate the time when Hertz vol. 48 will be available for order? (since I don’t know since when it’s labeled PREORDER OVER =_____=;;;).

            Haha I bought once from Amazon; three Hakuouki artbooks and the total went up to around 150$ XP. Since then I’ve decided to buy in bulk but then I began purchasing doujinshis, contracted a huuuge debt despite being unemployed and still a student and now my wishlist on Amazon is forever a wishlist OTLOTL.
            CDJapan’s is okay but they sell out really fast D:. I missed a normal shoujo manga magazine by one week or so and it was already out of stock. And since I didn’t find it anywhere else than Amazon, I never bought it orz.

            • D’aw. Once the pre-order period’s over, you’d have to wait about a week or two before they’ll have it in stock again. I have a feeling they’re using the pre-order period to judge how many books to put in stock. If worse comes to worse, it may take them a month to get the books in. Depending on how fast the publisher will ship the books. :D

              Ouch, that’s a lot. Sometimes I use artbook to make my order seem cheaper. I don’t know why but Kinokuniya usually doubled the original price. D8

              My wishlist in BK1 is horrible. D; There are a lot of out of print books which will never see the light again. ;-;

              Rakuten usually have out of print books in stock and they’re usually dirt cheap, unless it’s like really really really rare and in mint condition. They’ll sell a book that’s 500yen to like 1500 yen. ;-; The interface is in English too but it’s way more complicated compared to BK1.

            • Just a few days ago I ordered a bunch of stuff from Rakuten for the first time and I can say it’s THE PLACE to hunt for out of print and second hand manga. Most out of print anthologies are from 150 to 250 yen, used tankoubons are half the original price, some are as cheap as 30 yen. I didn’t find the interface complicated at all, it’s pretty intuitive, imho. Unlike BK1 they have customer support in English. I bugged them with stupid questions and they answered my e-mails every time very politely and quickly and in understandable English. The only drawback is that the store that sells BL, Surugaya, only ships by EMS and their shipping prices are killing me. I paid for shipping almost 4 times as much as for the order itself! You can’t hear it, but my credit card is screaming in despair right now. Still, it’s the only place where I could find these items.

              What if BK1 lists a relatively new item (published 1-2 years ago), that is still available at Amazon, as out of print? Is it gone for good or will they restock it some time later?

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