Newsletter from Chil-Chil

Someone asked a really good question on Chil-chil, how to get newsletter updates from Chil-chil. Whoever you are, thank you! Now I should be getting news updates from them. :D

Of course, another way is to follow their twitter here:

How to Register and Subscribe

1. First, go to their website.

2. At the top header, look for a blue icon that says, 会員登録 (member registration) and click on it.

3. Step one of registration, they’ll ask for your email to send you a link to confirm your not some bot or spammer.

Once you’ve sent your email to them, they should send you an email with a link.

In the email, they’ll give you two links:
PC、スマートフォンの方はこちら – Click on the link for this if you’re using PC or smartphone.
携帯の方はこちら – Click on this if you’re using Japanese mobile phone.
4. Once you’ve clicked on the link, you’ll have to complete the following form:

Nickname – Has to be within 20 characters (or letters)
Password – Repeat the password twice. Has to be within 6 to 12 English roman letters.
Birthday – Order is Year (年), Month (月), Date (日). It’s also used to send you password if you’ve forgotten it.
Gender – Female(女性) or Male(男性).
Newsletter – This is where you should check the box to subscribe to Chil-chil’s news letter.
5. Lastly, they’ll ask you to confirm all the data. ;D That’s all there is to it.

If you need to go into your account once you’ve logged in, go back to the blue icon above. You’ll realise that they’ve changed the character in it to マイページ (My Page).


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