Musing With Bibari & Rui

Recently, someone on Yshare shared a link to all the latest Bibari & Rui episodes, each of them roughly five to six minutes long. At first I was really skeptical because seriously, have two comedians, whom I’m quite familiar with, acting in a gay office mini skit is… Well, you get the picture. But, surprise, surprise. It’s actually pretty addictive. Even my bf was hounding me to watch everything in one sitting type of good.

Bibari & Rui is a recurring skits in the TV show, Picaru no Teiri, about two gay guys in office trying to shag each other but they’re always foiled by their female colleague. The boss, Bibari would use whatever illogical, insane excuse to keep the female worker away and have his happy, fun time with Rui and his hairy chest.

Of course, Rui is your typical tsundere and often is seen trying to keep his composure when Bibari’s seducing him. He’ll also blow his top when his female colleagues did something stupid.

Typical storyline for Bibari & Rui goes like this. Starts off in a normal office setting, then Bibari the boss needed something and got the girl to get whatever he needed. When she’s out, Bibari seduced Rui and in the middle of it, the girl comes back with the wrong (sometimes correct) item. Bibari would then turn the compromising situation around by blabbing nonsense. He’ll try to shoo the girl out the room with crappy reasons and goes back to having fun with Rui. Turn this time, he’ll somehow rip Rui’s shirt, play with his nipples and hairy chest.

When the girl comes back to interrupt their fun, Rui would be the one to blow is top and scare the lady away. Then, Bibari and Rui would be all alone to go back to what they were doing before they were interrupted. The end.

The skit would vary with different settings (like outside the office during a rainy day), appearance of Leon and Matsuko Deluxe and in the latter episodes, more drama and angst added to the story.

Overall, Bibari & Rui is really over the top with their acting and if I were to describe this show, especially Bibari, with one word it’s “kimoi” (きもい) in a good way of course. Bibari would give many endearing name to Rui’s chest like Kalimantan (coffee) or Gorgonzola (cheese). Or spin a world globe at his nipple…

My favourite character has got to be the guy from New York, Bibari’s ex-colleague, seme of all seme, Leon (twitter owarai-san o/). It’s kinda sad that he only appeared a handful of times. Every time he’s there, the episode would make my tummy and cheek hurt so badly. I don’t know how he manage to get the Empire State Building into context but yeah, he was chanting that while ripping Bibari and Rui’s clothes and fondling their nipples.

I just realise I’m going to get so many term hits to this blog with just this post. Lol, anyway, if you have time, please do watch one episode of this amazingly, over the top skit. :D


3 thoughts on “Musing With Bibari & Rui

  1. I knew ripping shirts open couldn’t be as easy as tv makes it to be. This is just so much fun!! *u*


    • Lol, the raining scene XD! Man, I need more of this. Episode 26 ended with a cliffhanger. And now I’m checking Picari every day to see if they’d feature this skit. ;=;

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