Daily Read: Cold Light – Chapter 01

Well, I guess my wish for the second novel’s manga adaptation came true. Remember how I’ve ranted about the slow pacing of Cold Sleep? Well, the first chapter for its sequel started off with a bang. Here’s a little recap for the ending of Cold Sleep (filled with spoilers):

Fujishima got stabbed while protecting Tooru from an assailant who had a grudge against the latter. Fujishima had to stay in the hospital for two months. Meanwhile, Tooru who was still suffering from amnesia confessed his love to Fujishima and likewise, Fujishima admitted his feelings too…

Review for Cold Sleep: https://lambiereads.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/cold-sleep/

I don’t know if anybody watches Hong Kong drama but Cold Sleep series somehow reminds me of them, especially the really over the top angst and drama. In chapter one, we got to know a bit more about Fujishima’s past. It started off with Fujishima’s monologue about meeting some kid who looks like Tooru and moving on to a battered looking Tooru who lost his memory.

In my memories, there was a scene filled with cries of cicadas,
cobbled stones painted with dark silhouette,
faded blue baseball cap,
and a figure who kept looking down.
Even ’til today, I could still remember it clearly.
This time, I’ll protect you.
Even if, I’m forced to bend the truth.

Tooru inquired about his identity, past, personality and relationship with Fujishima. But the scene ended before we got to know his answer.

Back to the present, Fujishima finally checked out of the hospital after staying for 2 months. Tooru couldn’t stop pampering him on the way back. Once they’re home, Tooru present a cake decorated by him but his boss baked it to celebrate the occasion.

Fujishima happily ate the cake but Tooru’s staring made him uncomfortable. He asked the latter to stop doing so but somehow, he accidentally dropped the cake and shattered the plate.

Immediately, Fujishima went to clean the mess but Tooru stopped him from using his bare hands in case he hurts himself. Tooru was always worried about Fujishima recklessness, evident with the incident when the latter got stabbed.

In the heat of the moment, Tooru kissed Fujishima, only to be stopped by him. Even though they’ve both admitted their feelings, it seemed Fujishima took back his words. Though Tooru wanted them to be lovers, Fujishima couldn’t let that happen. Citing the fact that Tooru hated his guts in the past and when he regains his memory, there’s a chance that he’ll be troubled.

Fujishima locked himself in his room and drowned in self-pity. Finally, he recalled his past. Be warn, there’ll be incestuous and child abuse content.

Fujishima was quite close with his evil controlling mother. He grew up thinking his father died but I have a feeling, he’s alive and in a wheelchair. Back to his evil mother, she controls every aspect of his life, even when it comes to making friends.

He always visited his frail uncle in the hospital too. But one day, that uncle revealed his true parentage. He was born from a relationship between brother and sister.

Fujishima was deeply troubled by that but he kept that a secret, even from his own mother.

Then it jumps to a scene when Fujishima’s a little older. He got a love letter from a girl but his mother found out. Smiling like everything’s going to be fine, she brought him to the girl’s house and started to go ballistic and cause havoc. In her words:

“You’re still a middle schooler but you’re seducing men already. Your future’s in peril.”

“If she had her period, she’a already a woman!!”

“There are tons of men out there, you shameless sow! Don’t you dare speak to my son again!”

Of course, after such a scene, the victim mentioned that Fujishima’s mother wasn’t sane at all. I can’t help but to agree with her. This woman started molesting her own kid!

“If anything happens to your little junior, you must let your mother take a look at it.”

Fujishima was always having inner conflict about her. He knew that his mother wasn’t normal. That her actions weren’t sane at all.

After such a disturbing flashback, we’re back to the present and Tooru called Fujishima out for dinner. During dinner, they started chatting. Tooru asked if Fujishima remembered what he said when they first met at the hospital and the latter said they were friends.

The lighthearted affair slowly turned ugly when Tooru questioned Fujishima about his past again. Tooru knew that the latter was lying to him, that he wouldn’t even blink when he’s telling a lie…

Tooru: Don’t run.
Tooru: I-I don’t want to lie to myself anymore.
Tooru: I love Fujishima-san.
Tooru: Even though I don’t remember
Tooru: what happened between us in the past.
Tooru: But if that’ll cause friction between us,
Tooru: then I wish you’ll tell me.
Tooru: …Let me ask this again.
Tooru: What type of relationship did we have in the past?

Phew, the story’s getting better even though the part about his mother is a little disturbing because Fujishima was still underage. I’m really curious about Tooru’s past. I wonder if Fujishima’s mother had anything to do with this so-called bad relationship?


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    • Nuh, most people I talked to about this manga read the novel already and they’re telling me there’ll be a twist here /o

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