Koshino's New Femi-Otoko Title Out Soon!

Moriya and Yoshitake, the ever master of hentai, star in Koshino‘s new high school love comedy, Bukatsu no Kouhai ni Semarareteimasu. This new title promises top Koshino-quality hilarious moments between a perverted kouhai and his beloved senpai.

Since I’m severely obsessed with Koshino, her new title, Bukatsu no Kouhai ni Semarareteimasu, deserve a post of its own! The manga was serialised in Libre’ mobile magazine, Libre*Mobile, will be released on the 10th this month and the drama CD was released first, just a day or two ago. Libre added a feature for this series which has a rough summary, sample tracks and cast photos in it. Very amusing articles too!

Rough translation of summary on the page:

Oh, poor manly senpai (senior), Moriya was confessed to by his annoying, yet feminine club activity kouhai (junior), Yoshitake. Not only that, that kouhai fed him, held his hands, invaded his personal space and somehow, Moriya found himself in the same futon as him! Being showered with too much love by his disgustingly cute kouhai, Moriya has to defend himself from this serious love attack…

Natsume Isaku’s going to draw the obi (the long strap of paper that usually comes along the cover) too. :D

Info on first print set: https://www.libre-pub.co.jp/shop/commodity/00000000/CEL-050/
It includes drama CD and a premium manga which has a different cover. Oh how I wish I ordered the set instead of just the manga. Is it too late to change or should I get another copy?

Source: http://www.libre-pub.co.jp/bukatsudrama/

Oh, another thing. Please remember to pre-order Libre’s NakeruBL anthology which is scheduled to come out next month. Just in case some online bookstore runs out. *stares at BK1*

Source: http://www.libre-pub.co.jp/nakeru_bl/


15 thoughts on “Koshino's New Femi-Otoko Title Out Soon!

  1. Summary sounds hilarious! But, Libre, ha.. NakeruBL is kind of like DameBL anthology, but about people crying, right? Do you know what mangaka are present?

      • O/ Yamashita Tomoko :3 <3 <3 <3 She's such a rare guest on the BL scene now ;A; And I'm afraid Est Em is also slowly drifting away in the direction of seinen/josei. Seems like Itoi Nozo is present too. For some reason I can't stop myself from staring at her (?) art. I just sit and stare at some panels for 10-15 minutes like a happy blooming idiot.

        • Nah, Yamashita Tomoko was in onBlue too. Well, at least est em’s josei/seinen manga’s pretty good read. ;D Sadly, Itoi Nozo’s only working under Libre. ;-;

          • Yeah, but that one appearance in onBlue 4 was her only one in any BL magazine/anthology last year as far as I know. Well, if she draws one more oneshot the same size for onBlue, she would very well have a tank ready to be published ;D. Est Em’s works are awesome no matter what genre, that’s a fact. But there’s no shortage of cool mangaka working in seinen/josei field and only a handful of those who draw serious not fluffy BL stories. So if Est Em stops publishing BL, it will be my personal tragedy. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that Itoi Nozo becomes super popular soon and starts a series in another magazine by another publisher. And then… fufufufu.

            • *O* I didn’t realise that, been buying her shoujo last year. At least est em had a few BL tank release last year. But I don’t know if she’ll be that active in BL scene this year. Yes! Another publisher for Itoi Nozo please! ;-;

            • I’m afraid she won’t. Since her stories in Cab and Citron ended she hasn’t appeared there anymore, so she now only has that Turkish series in onBlue. And yet there’s another seinen series she starts in Jump (sic!) Kai (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-01-09/manga-artist-est-em-to-launch-ippo-series) ;A; Now that I think about it, aside from Est Em and Yamashita Tomoko, who are still semi-active, Aniya Yuiji only draws josei/shoujo now, Tatsuki and Morozumi Sumitomo are not published at all (not to my knowledge anyway) at the moment. WTF is wrong with this world?! Offtopic, but on the bright side, Vagabond is being resumed from next month. FUCK YEAH!

              • XD Yeah, was spazzing about est em’s new shoe fetish manga, lol. Reminds me of Sahara Mizu’s Tetsugaku Letra for some reason. I love her “Turkish” BL, they’re all kinda heavy.

                ;-; We wanted to work on Hakobune, my sister almost got me to buy another copy of that for her to rip. But that Libre shit HAD to happen.

                XD I’m happy as long as they’re still drawing manga, I’m not very picky with genres.

            • /I take that back about Aniya Yuiji, totally forgot she has a series running in Opera, orz. Still, I somehow lack faith in Edge comix (where’s my Aoi Seri tankoubon?!).

            • Ha-ha, Hakobune was the very first manga ever I tried cleaning, was using it to nurture my skills. What I like about it most is that one can understand the plot even without any knowledge of Japanese XD. Why does Citron line have so many awesome but untouchable titles?! Speaking of Morozumi Sumitomo, Negattarikanattari is awesome as well, and it’s Tokyo Mangasha’s title.

              • Untouchable is right. I was so tempted to make an underground group for that but meh, no time to do that. ;-; I always though Negattarikanattari was licensed. Read it in Chinese and it’s pretty good *O*!!

            • I know, right? It’s great. And it has the most erotic and beautiful color page ever (it’s been on my desktop for a few months). Baka has it as not licensed ^_^.

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