Flesh & Blood Character Book – Review

When I first saw this Flesh & Blood Character Book in conjunction with the series’ 10th year anniversary, I knew I have to find some way to get it. Flesh & Blood is a BL light novel series by Matsuoka Natsuki, currently illustrated by Aya. It used to be illustrated by Yukifuna Kaoru though, both are illustrators who draws drop dead gorgeous boys. Aya’s other pen-name for her doujinshi work is Sena Rin who illustrates for Houseki-hime and Idea.

Frankly, I’ve only read the first volume of the novel because I couldn’t stand reading on the computer. Will get the series soon enough though…

First impression of the book? Bloody hell, it’s too fucking thin (not even 0.1cm) to be 1200円! The illustrations are freaking awesome but seriously, not worth the 5083円 to get 2 of these bloody books.

To get the book, I used a proxy recommended to me by a friend’s friend called Frontier-E. At first, I thought the price is pretty reasonable, one item is around 480円 to 500円 for proxy fee, at least according to the FAQ page, I only had to pay for the item, shipping to them, to me and the proxy fee.

In this case, with 2 books it’s still considered as one item. Since this is not an auction, I shouldn’t be charged auction agent fee, right? But they did, these doesn’t include all the small matter fees like wrapping books, keeping books in storage or taking pictures…

Here’s the cost breakdown:

480円   Shipping Fee
480円   Handling Fee (overseas shipping)
2,400円   Item (1200円 x2)
780円   Shipping from Tokuma to Proxy
315円   Remittance handling fee (WTF, why is this charged?!)
500円   Agent fee
128円   Settlement fee (what’s this for? Writing emails to me?)

Seriously, I wouldn’t use this if I could get the item from Rakuten. Sadly, Tokuma only sells this during fairs or in their own shop. I won’t be writing a tutorial on how to use this proxy, I guess.

Site: http://www.frontier-e.com/index.html
Anyway, onward to less depressing review! The book itself is gorgeous, I’m still drooling all over the illustrations. Unfortunately, my guess of it being an Aya artbook kinda didn’t come true…

The cover’s printed on laminated matte with gold emboss fonts. There are a total of 32 pages and it starts off with a rough summary of the novel on pretty blue sky.

The first half of the book is of course about the characters. There’s a brief description of the character, data, tagline, and a full body portrait. There aren’t a lot of characters in there, only 10 of them: Kaito, Jeffery (spelled as Jeoffrey here and oh my, you are so pretty here!), Nigel, Vincent, Kazuna, Christopher, Leonard, Alonso, Raul and Ian

One the other page, is an illustration of the character(s);

and a headshot of him, accompanying Matsuoka-sensei’s comment.

Last half’s two short stories by Matsuoka-sensei called Mamono and Hatori.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the book, IF only I didn’t have to pay more than double the price to get it. Thus, I’ll only recommend anyone who’s a super big fan of the series to get it.

Buy: http://tokuma-ec.com/shop/1/item/10175/


2 thoughts on “Flesh & Blood Character Book – Review

  1. Have you used Yokatta Shopping Service? It doesn’t seem to be as expensive, but then I don’t have any personal experience with it. Hachi from otakufujoshi used it and she didn’t seem to have any major complains about it.

    • TwT! I was roped in to use Frontier-E ’cause the initial proxy fee seemed cheaper than Yokatta. I wonder if Yokatta has hidden fee as well. Hachi didn’t really know the exact cost she had to pay the proxy though. Never going to trust FAQ or their initial quoting price every again D8!! LJ or human’s the right way to go with proxy!

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