Daily Read: Castle Mango – Chapter 10

Sorry for the wait, my computer suffered the dreaded “BLUE SCREEN OF DOOM” last week. Not a good way to start the day, mind you. ; – ; The promised one day turned to almost a week. Please feel free to stab me.

This is the most frustrating of all most frustrating Castle Mango chapter yet. You want to know why?! Konohara Narise is really freaking good at teasing her audience. The chapter starts with happy, great news, everything was going to smoothly and there was a part where you’d think that, “YES! FUCKING FINALLY!”. But no, it got worse. Now let me kidnap Togame, tie him up and ship him to Africa.

Recap: Chapter 9 left us with Yorozu’s mum still in the hospital, Ninomiya helping Yorozu up with replacing burnt furniture, Yorozu finding out that Togame’s paying for all cost and of course, Togame going overseas to film.

The chapter starts with great news. Yorozu’s mother’s finally able to be discharged from the hospital and his relationship with this aunt seemed to be slightly better now. Satoru even treaded him ice cream because his “oni-chan” had work so hard during their mother’s absence.

Satoru quoted Togame, saying that “we must treat our most important person with kindness while they’re still alive”, revealing the fact that Togame’s sibling passed away long ago. This absolutely adorable kid doesn’t just stop there, though.

Satoru: Mum, brother and even the hotel are really important to me.
Satoru: Though I still can’t do anything since I’m just in middle school, //
Satoru: I’ll still work hard.

Ninomiya showed Yorozu the fully refurbished room, the day before Yorozu’s mother was to be discharged. In the middle of their conversation, Togame called Ninomiya which piqued Yorozu’s interest. He asked Ninomiya about Togame’s life back in high school.

Ninomiya: He was super foul-mouthed, horrid and unfriendly.

Yorozu then probed Ninomiya about Togame’s siblings’ death. Though he lied about the fact of hearing it first hand from the man himself, Ninomiya did reveal about the horrible accident which took their lives. It was such a wrenched disaster. Right after, Togame quit school and came to Tokyo alone. He was indifferent to anything else.

They continue to talk about Togame, about how worried Ninomiya was with him, his penniless state in the past and how he should experience happiness too.

After the conversation, Yorozu reflected;

He was the same age as me now when he lost his family. I can’t fathom his feelings then.
If I were to lose Satoru and mum, I wonder…
Togame-san went to a city all by himself.
Was he lonely? Insecure?
If I were to meet Togame-san then, I would have listened to him.
If he was hungry, I would have given him meals.
If he didn’t have a place to sleep, I would have let him stay in one of the empty rooms here…
Just like how it was in Togame-san’s car recently,
I would hug him and tell him that everything’s fine…
At that time, even if I didn’t want to I would kiss–(*not very clear who’s the one denying it here XD)
Kiss… Kissing him…
Yorozu: What the hell am I thinking?!

Next day, Yorozu tried to meet Togame at his place but left without saying anything and went to his porn filming headquarter office instead. Outside, while he was debating whether to go in with his school uniform, Yoshida found him.

Yoshida lead Yorozu into the office and mentioned that he knew about the failed gay video filming. He also informed the latter that Togame’s leaving for a shoot overseas in a week and asked whether something happened between them.

Yorozu asked Yoshida about Togame, as a person. Basically a good person, Togame’s really serious at work and staffs really trust him too. Maybe a little too reliable too. *wink* Yorozu’s next question takes the cake though, “How is Togame-san as a lover?”

Yoshida went, “…Are you interested in the director?”
Yorozu: Ah, no… That’s not it…
Yoshida: Say, just ignore me if I’ve gotten this wrong but Shirosaki, you like the director?

And Yorozu blushed like there’s no tomorrow! They continue to talk about Togame until Yorozu revealed his misconception of Togame liking his younger brother. Meanwhile, Togame dropped by the office and one of the staff informed him of Yorozu’s arrival. Just as he was about to enter the room, he heard their conversation.

Yorozu: At first, I hated Togame-san.

Togame looked really shocked (and hurt?) to hear that. Yorozu continued his story about how overbearing and rude Togame was and how he looked as if he was about to go after his younger brother Satoru. He also confessed to tricking Togame into a relationship with his just so he could save his brother’s chastity while Togame who was right behind the door heard everything.

Yoshida didn’t think that’s the reason the director was being so close with Satoru. It’s more like Togame was treating him as his own younger brother. Yorozu didn’t dislike being with Togame though, even if it’s just a facade.

Off-handedly, Yoshida mentioned about seeing Yorozu having a double date during that last summer festival. Of course, Yorozu revealed that he was only there to even out the number and it wasn’t really a date. Yoshida thought he was gay but after seeing such a scene, he didn’t know what to think anymore. The director also suspected Yorozu having a girl he liked.

Their conversation was broken by the same staff who greeted Togame. Yoshida thought the director wasn’t coming that day but he was actually outside the door. Yorozu became worried that Togame must have heard their conversation. That the cat’s now out of the bag.

The chapter ends with Yorozu contemplating about his current predicament with Togame and that the latter must hate him now. He didn’t know what to do about their relationship anymore.


14 thoughts on “Daily Read: Castle Mango – Chapter 10

  1. That’s so frustrating ! >.<

    I mean… It's well-done and the story is still really nice to follow but GOD ! I want them to speak to each other, to make up and more.
    Poor Togame… It's probably not an happy feeling when you hear your lover saying he hated you and went out with you just to separate you from someone else. And it would have been so much better if he had heard it directly from the person instead of behind a door.

    Thank you so much for the summary ! ♥
    Though it's frustating, I love this manga and I can't wait to see more.

    • And I have a feeling Togame didn’t listen to the whole convo too. ; – ;! You’re very welcome! Hopefully the next chapter would resolve some of the tension and frustration. Goes to show how well this manga’s written to keep us even with all these melodramas XD

  2. It really is frustrating just like others Konohara Narise sensei’s works, but argh, can’t sensei just once shorten the frustration? I’m dying to see them being happy and all.

    Thanks for the translation and the summary, you’ve made my day.

    • Gosh, I agree with you. Konohara Narise has such a talent for roping readers into her story and troll them with these frustrations. ; – ;

      And you’re very welcome. :D

  3. OMG. You are right, it seems everything was going fine and then…bum!!!
    Well, we’ll have more angst I guess in the following chapters but I hope everything turns out fine.

    Thanks so so much for the awesome summary!

  4. The two have been on such a drought I just feel like I’m going insane!! ;_; Seriously praying that Konohara-sensei will at least have a good end for this story, if not I’m just going to be in a pit of denial after investing so much emotion into this /o

    • Hahaha, I guess everybody’s feeling the frustration for those two, too. IDK, it’ll be awesome if Konohara-sensei left us hanging. It’ll be rather bittersweet end. *O*b

  5. It’s chapter 10 but still no news about the second tankoubon? ;_; i hope all will work out in the end for these two.

    I wonder what Togame’s going to film in Africa…

    • Nope, no news yet. But, I hope it’s soon! Doesn’t seem to be ending quite yet either.

      At least I’m very sure it’s not porn, bwahahahaha!!

  6. I swear, I need some hot and heavy contact between them soon. Wonder how long this will be. At least 3 volumes? They will probably only kiss and makeup in the last chapter, so I don’t want this to be too long.

  7. thank you….
    thank you so much. i’ve been curious about what the hell was happening with yozora.

  8. Aw.. that’s so sad! Togame must feel really hurt. Thank you for summarizing and reviewing Castle Mango. I read the previous chapter with my limited Chinese but it was helpful to reread your summary as a guide. Did this chapter ever say exactly how Togame’s siblings died in the accident?

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