Daily Read: TxS and Shura Yukihime

Let me talk about something less traumatising first so you can skip the next half of the post. You’ve been warned!

T x S (Tough & Smart) is Takatsuki Noboru‘s latest title. It is yet another police detective BL manga which doesn’t really focus on solving crimes and more about the characters relationship.

I am so “disappointed” with this. THERE IS NO SEX!!

Okay, I lied. I loved it! Even though I’m really peeved about the lack (more like none) of mystery solving, the idea of having two semes in a relationship just sold the series to me. It’s really funny seeing these two men trying to show off and compete at their masculinity. Which lead their lovely sex down the drain because nobody is manly enough to present their butt on a platter. They, of course, will end the night by beating the shit out of each other.

Koga was working in the main police headquarters in Tokyo when he was suddenly demoted to a smaller branch. It’s all due to the fact that he had a divorce with the chief’s daughter. Koga married her because he had some feelings for her but wouldn’t consummate their marriage. Slowly, he started to realise he has sexual feelings towards his ex-partner.

In the new branch, his new partner, Terajima, found out about his sexuality. Not long after they began to date secretly. And this is just the start of the story…

Honestly, I really haven’t been reading manga throughout February. Finally got the time to do so days before and Shura Yukihime was the first title I read after such a long drought. This seinen title by Koike Kazuo and Kamimura Kazuo is filled with shit loads of porn, both straight and homosexual. Of course, it has equal amount of actions to balance the story out.

Frankly, the plot is rather simple, granted this manga came out back in the 70s. For the first big chunk of the story it’s about Shura Yukihime, an assassin working under some big hot-shot, looking for the people who killed her father, elder brother and raped her poor mother. Everything she does is for revenge. In the later chunk, it’s so much more about getting into situations where she ends up having lesbian sex. Seriously!

Don’t ask me why the story started with her stabbing those dick altar but it did to show off Yuki’s awesome assassination skills.

One of the chapter I remember the most is when Yuki had to kill a big giant man who nobody wanted to have sex with because of his huge body and dick (think, mandingo). When she manage to stab him, causing his death, Yuki took pity on him and had sex on the dying man. Thus, he died spewing his essence.

So, this is the type of things I read too. 8Db Now you know why I don’t write about anything other than BL here bur I guess I will do so from now on!


6 thoughts on “Daily Read: TxS and Shura Yukihime

    • *O* I don’t know if it’ll be the same, so far it’s only at chapter 1 with a prologue. And it is Takatsuki Noboru after all too… I hope there will be some reverse since there’s a 69 in there now.

  1. WHY?? Why are they detectives and not solve any mysteries?! It’s like TV shows about doctors who don’t do any medical stuff and only screw each other. Bwah! But, gotta admit, I LOVE seme x seme set up. Would be even more awesome if they turned out to be a reversible couple, he-he.
    Like the second one more ^_^. When I first saw the last picture, I thought the dude was already dead and was like O/. Yeah, gross, I know XD

    • I don’t know either. ; – ; I want mystery in my mystery BL books too, but usually they don’t do so. Kimama ni Tenteigyou isn’t even about solving any crimes at all too. /WEEPS

      HAHAHA, I was talking about it on ETB’s livestream as I read it the other day too. At least the huge dude only died when they’re done. >: Or the book would have necrophilia added to the genre too…

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