January, February & March Orders

Ah crap, this is going to be a long post because I’m compiling drafts I’ve left unattended for months. Anyway, I’ve actually placed order one of the bigger box since December. They’ve only arrived this month because BK1 has to wait for some pre-orders. I haven’t read half of them yet.

First to arrive was these light novels I’ve ordered. Ordered a set of Deadlock novels by Aida Saki, illustrated by Takashina Yuu, but I had to add few more books to use the bloody bk1 coupon. Thus, I picked Nagira Yuu’s Mayonaka Chronicle (illustrated by Oyamada Ami) because it had really high reviews on Amazon.co.jp. The other’s Rekka no Chigiri by Shuu Kaori, illustrated by Aya. Frankly, I got it just for Aya.

So far I’ve only finished reading Deadlock vol 1 which is wow, I soooo did not expect some of the things to happen. Not spoiling the story for those who’s following the manga but ouch, poor Yuuto!! After flipping the other two books, the setting will move from prison, to FBI headquaters and to some distant South American (or was it Africa?) forest where there’ll be some guerrilla fight. Aida Saki set up such a big and elaborate world. Now I’m all pumped to read this series in manga form too.

And then these came. Apparently it’s too heavy for SAL shipping, so BK1 decided to use Fedex to ship. Bless their soul for choosing that instead of the ever so expensive EMS. Saved roughly $30.
From the top of left image:
Manabi no Kuni by Shinomiya Shino

Romance no Hakoniwa by Itou Natsuo
— Freaking gorgeous manga! We’re picking this up as our future project so I have to get another copy for myself. It’s mostly fantasy one shot and my favourite story’s the one with storm and lighthouse.

Beautiful Days by Madarame Hiro
— Though I’ve already read the Chinese scans and some of the raws, the story still blew me away!

Ginga Eiyuudensetsu – Eiyuutachi no Shouzou v2 by Tanaka Yoshiko and Michihara Katsumi
— Haha, got this since I missed out volume 2 in the previous order months ago.

Karamawari no Dimple by Kazuki Souto

Horori Koisuru, Tokuragoshi Shoutengai by Aoiro Iriko

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu v2 by Kumota Haruko
— Need to find time to read v2 soon! Flipped though the book and it seemed to have gotten way more dramatic compared to the first book.

Hatarake, Kentauros! by est em
— Just read the book not too long ago. LOL, est em, you’re very obsessed with centaurs!

Kodomo Tomodomo! by Shindou Mayuri

Kimama ni Tanteigyou by Asou Mizuho

Happy End Apartment by est em

Koi no Naka by Momoyama Naoko

Ikusen no Yoru v3 (end) by Kinoshita Keiko
— I don’t know why, but I wished Tecchan ended up with his ex-girlfriend instead. I have no love for you, Sora.

Sumidagawa Shinjuu by Taumi Mayu

Nakanaide, Ookubo-kun by Kitabeppu Nica

07-ghost v13 by Amemiya Yuki & Ichihara Yukino

Secret Flight ~ Business Class by Tamaquis Wren
— Pilot and flight attendant BL! I’m weak against this, so weak, TOO WEAK! Anyway, hot sex, jealous seme, uniformed sex, this manga has it all!

Secret Flight by Tamaquis Wren
— Sorta prequel to Business Class

Hoshigarimasen Shuukaku made wa v1 & 2 by Shuusai Fumiko
— Finally bought these! I really love the slice of life essence in the plot. Shall review this… after my thesis, after so many other books that’s in draft!

Koi to wa Yobenai v2 by Eda Yuuri & Machiya Hatoko
— I’ve already spoiled myself with reading Chinese scans but whatever, this needs to be reviewed again!

Fudanshi Monogatari by Narazaki Souta
— I knew it wasn’t supposed to end with 2 chapters! Even so, chapter 3 ends with a cliffhanger and we don’t get to know how their relationship turned out to be in the end. ; – ;

Hatsukoi no Atosaki by Hidaka Shouko
— Personally not one of my favourite Hidaka Shouko work. Don’t really feel the love for both characters at all. >’;

Canna vol 21 and 22

Chou yori mo Hana yori mo by Inukai Nono, illustrated by Aya

Flesh & Blood Gaiden ~Oujou-heika no Kaizoku-tachi by Natsuoka Natsumi, illustrated by Aya
Kazuaki’s Avarus Artbook

Then I ordered from Rakuten some time this month to get Chara’s 2012 February issue for Deadlock’s manga chapter 1. Also got last month’s Chara Selection for Kojima Lalako’s Melancholic Boyfriend story story. Edith vol 1 and 4a (short stories only) to be ripped. They were selling them for less than 100yen in Rakuten!

Finally, FINALLY! Rakuten’ve stocked up Umi ni Nemuru Hana by Nakamura Shungiku. I don’t think I’ll have a heart to rip these for scanlation because they are just that rare! Going to check out Rakuten once in a while to see if they stock up the series again. I’ve also gotten a set of Utukushii Otoko by Takaguchi Satosumi and the original prints of Natural by Narita Minako which I’m missing vol 11, the last book. They are all used books and magazines but still in mint conditions. Some were as good as new too.

Phew, that’s all I have for today. Rather long posts but meh, been a while since I’ve written anything here. Final leg on my thesis and only 1 shot out of 13 done! Panic time!!


17 thoughts on “January, February & March Orders

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of books. I think my collection is smaller than your orders, but I’m still worried about what to do with it all when it comes time to move.

    I actually have Manabi no Kuni but I have no idea what it’s about; I only know that it doesn’t have any sex or hot makeout scenes. Oh, and that it seems to be a collection of oneshots…yeah, I should probably stop buying stuff I won’t understand.

    I’m anxiously waiting for my copy of Hatsukoi no Atosaki. I’m pretty psyched about it since it I saw the scans and it features some of my favorite tropes. Got more psyched when I saw a few scenes from the extra and that it seemed like the brown-haired guy was the seme, but then I just got confused. Anyway, why didn’t you like it? Did you by any chance dislike Katsuragi from YnA?

    • ; – ; I just don’t want to think about the time I’ll move, and it’s at the beginning of June this year too… Ah, crap!

      I haven’t read Manabi no Kuni yet but I’ll write something short about it when I do.

      Oh, no!! I absolutely adore Katsuragi. Yuuutsu ana Asa is one of my top favourite BL manga. Especially with how the story develops later on and Akihito becoming more mature! I don’t know, maybe I was expecting more character development in Hatsukoi no Atosaki.

      Since it’s about high school friends who lost contact because one confessed to the other for toying with him and meeting again when the grow up. The one being “toyed” with extracts revenge against MC and the story goes on… I don’t know, but I just felt like the plot has been used before so it’s rather predictable.

      At least there’s Double Line in there, which is an extra from Arashi no Ato. 8Db

  2. Est Em! Kumota Haruko! Momoyama Naoko! Taumi Mayu! XD And you actually did order smth by Kitabeppu Nica ;) Flight attendants!! *u*/me wants some soapy melodrama (Screw you, Libre XD)
    Yeah, “used” books from Rakuten are as good as new. I got one book published in the late 80-s or early 90-s from there. What do you think, it’s like new too, except the pages are yellowish, ’cause it’s that old.
    I guess we could try and search Umi ni Nemuru Hana on Yahoo!Japan. Old book sets appear there quite regularly and are not too pricey.

    • LOL, I’m pretty sure I ordered it because someone mentioned it. I wonder if it’s you? Yeah, fuck Libre, I want some citron D8

      Yellow’s bad for scans but at least there’s no watermarks! I love Rakuten!!

      Oh, if you don’t mind stalking Yahoo!Japan. I really want to finish this book’s scanlation because it’s actually rather hard to find prints of it anymore. I tried more than 10 book stores in Kobe and Osaka. ; – ;

      • I did mention one manga by Kitabeppu Nica to you, but not this one XD. Me wants some Citron too ;A;… Aoi Seri! Itoi Nozo! Itoshi no Nekokke! Hakobune! Happy End Apartment!
        I guess I can stalk Yahoo!Japan for Umi ni Nemuru Hana, I’m already checking it out for some doujinshi almost every day ^_^ I’m that obsessed, yeah. Dunno, when I’ll be able to buy it though ;A;

  3. Keiko Kinoshita… I like her works and dislike them at the same time. At first, story + charas pick my interest then, I feel totally disappointed towards the devlopment. Slow-paced can be good but in her case, I sometimes feel like the characters are going in circles for nothing. The conclusion comes too abruptly and doesn’t satisfy me considering how long they were totally oblivious to their feelings (or their partner feelings)

    I’m thinking of ordering some news BL books this month. I won’t be able to read them until the end of june but I’d like to use my BK1 B.day coupon before it expires.

    • YAR! I really dislike most of her title except this. The rest feels the same, characters act the same, the plot is equally slow and really… doesn’t go anywhere. >’; Ikusen’s saving grace is her annoying main character. 8Db

      Oh, if you order this month, you’re sending it back to France? 8Db

  4. Ooh,that’s why the characters of Deadlock reminds me of another title. Yay! It’s from Aida Saki. I liked her other novel, S so maybe I’ll like this one too! :D

    Uwaaa~ you’re collection is just *O* It’s been 2 years since I’ve read a manga and I missed it just by looking at your books x3

    • T-t-t-t-two years?! *O* I think not reading manga for a month almost killed me. I could be experiencing withdrawal if it weren’t for the fact that I spent the month editing like crazy. DX

      • I was busy during my uni days and even after that I have to review for licensure exams after that. Though I’ve managed to read 2 or 3 titles (out of 80+ xD;;) last Dec-Jan…and it’s not enough DDDD: I’d probably spend half of my 1st salary for manga lol.

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