More Previews for NakeruBL

Headline says it all! Animate made a special page for NakeruBL which definitely has way more info and tidbits compared to the main site.

Animate link:
Official NakeruBL link:

On that animate page, they’ve added summaries for all the short stories. I can’t wait to read Yamashita Tomoko’s “乾いた人生” (dried up life) story with a awkward main character! Or Kawai Hideki’s crossdressing story as well. OR Itoi Nozo’s collaboration with Konohara Narise!

Also up are messages from contributing artist and author. So far there’s only message from Yamashita Tomoko and Eda Yuuri who drew that really adorable crying cat!

And there’s a preview of the pop on twitter too! Tweet:!/nakeru_bl/status/178070089361391616/photo/1

Anyway, this anthology’s slanted to release on the 30th of March! Can’t wait for it!! And the rest of the stuff I ordered almost 2 months ago…


4 thoughts on “More Previews for NakeruBL

  1. Itoi Nozo collaborates with Konohara Narise?! *u* We got to do it, I can go to jail after that. Should probably order this book after all too… Someday ;A;

      • O/ That’s an idea!
        I actually wanted to propose us making a LJ-exclusive release as an act of appreciation to people who bothered to join. DEADLOCK, LJ-exclusive. Mwahahahaha! Kidding, kidding XD Something like oneshot or doujinshi.

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