Aoi Aki’e Debut Tank & B’s-lovely’s New Labels


News we’ve been waiting for! Aoi Aki’s first tankoubon release is coming out end of next month, May 26th! The title’s Tsumasaki ni Kourouzu (爪先に光路図). I don’t know about the story but the art is more than enough to rope me in.

Click the link below for the pop! There’s some samples on Aoi Aki’s site too.

Aoi Aki’s Site:


Coming out this month though is Wakaba no -Shounen Ki- written by Tachibana Venio (author behind Seven Days) and drawn by Kitahata Akeno. Really looking forward to this because Kitahana mainly draws illustration for novels. Not to mention Inoue Nawo’s new tank, Sora no Deau Bashou de as well as Ogawa Chiyo’s Ouji no Hakoniwa.


There’s a new BL magazine joining the market recently. B’s-Lovely’s recottia came out a couple of days ago and the lineup artists’ pretty same with Canna. This month there’s Kashio, Aoi Aki, Mayumi (god I love her work in Canna), Ninoda Asu, Kojima Lalako and many more. Don’t ask me why but Tachibana Venio and Nireno Yuki’s Mikansei Puzzle which was published in Canna is in recottia as well. Maybe they’re switching publisher? Do note that this is published only for apple’s ipad/iphone, androidOS or mobile.

Canna’s tweet on Mikansei Puzzle: Sample 01 | Sample 02



Aoi Aki’s short story in there’s Ame no Yumefuru. It’s set during Showa period about a script/play writer and a student who writes poem.


Hirama Mitsunaga appears in next month’s issue too! As much as I despise b’s-lovely, I’ll have to make an exception just for this. I’ve been trying to fake my IP to buy this online/mobile mag on Book Walker but damn, no luck. Anybody who manages to do so and isn’t residing in Japan, please share your wisdom upon us!

Buy March 2012’s recottia:
Main Site:

Then, there’s Katsubou 『渇望』, another one of B’s-Lovely’s digital magazine. Unlike Ricottia which is a montly mag, Katsubou seemed to be published once every season and it looks to be the steamier counterpart as well, with Umezawa Hana and Saotome Ageha (pic), in the list of line up artist.

Main Site:


5 thoughts on “Aoi Aki’e Debut Tank & B’s-lovely’s New Labels

  1. You wrote Inoue Nawo’s name wrong, or is it another mangaka? Anyway, more stuff to add to my bk1 wishlist, although the Aoi Aki one is not there yet nor do I think it’s available in amazon.

    Booo geo restrictions.

    • LOL, definitely a typo, lemme fix that. Thanks for the info! Yeah, I couldn’t add Aoi Aki’s tank to librarything too. DX

      Second that notion. ; – ;

  2. At first I totally wasn’t interested in Ouji no Hakoniwa because the art is not appealing to me, but then they posted the cover… Gosh! It’s so freaking beautiful, been staring at it for like 10 minutes. Seriously, the most eye-catching cover art I’ve seen in a while. Will buy this tank just for the cover, lol.
    May is gonna be a killing month for new releases: Nakamura Asumiko, Jaryuu Dokuro, Hide Yoshiko, Kajimoto Reika, Aoi Aki… Not forgetting Super Comic City 21. Should really start saving right now ;A;.
    So, this Recottia is not just a digital version of that new B’s Lovey anthology and will have new original publications? Such a pity it’s digital only ;-; And it seems mangaka lineup is better than that of B’s Lovey, which is printed in paper. So unfair!

    • YEAH! It’s pretty! You’re not alone with buying that just for the cover! I’ll probably stop buying stuff for a while. Need to save up to pay my medical bills. >’;

      I thought it’s going to be an online mag for B’s-lovely too, but it’s not. I really… hate b’s-lovely and b’s-log labels too. DX

  3. Honto guides. someone made a quick new Honto tutorial on 4chan – Perhaps people can use it until you make a more detailed one?

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