Daily Read: Castle Mango – Chapter 11

Thesis is over (well, almost) and I’m finally done with my education. Need to hunt for a job soon but before that, time to kick back and relax! Or at least finish my draft reviews. So without further ado, I’ll start with Castle Mango 11 which all I’m going to say is “GO! YOROZU!”

Recap: Chapter 10. Yorozu’s mothers discharged from the hospital, his relationship with Satoru improved, hotel room fixed and finally the big reveal which ended with Yorozu contemplating his relationship with Togame.


Yorozu finally made his decision to confront Togame. After work, he headed over to the director’s apartment, only to find a farewell party going on. Instead of running away, in a way he did, the boy hid on the floor below and called Togame.

Going to the kitchen to pick up the call, once Togame realised who was the caller, he went outside instead. Yorozu started by saying he wanted to give back the repair money but his sudden sneeze gave away his position.

Finally, the face to face confrontation we’ve been waiting for! Togame refused the money, citing the reason Ninomiya gave in the previous chapter. Stubborn lil’ Yorozu was adamant about returning the money even if he has to give a little at a time.

But, being the utter foolish adult that he is, Togame refuted that Yorozu should just take it as a consolation money for sexually assaulting a minor. Tsk Togame, you can be an idiot at times.

Crushed, the boy confessed that he never thought of Togame as a pedophile, well not that per se and Satoru’s a special case.

Still trying to defend himself, he revealed that he the outing during that summer festival wasn’t a date. And that he wouldn’t know about Togame’s feelings if the latter just hides away.

Even though what Yorozu said at the office the day before were true and he was sorry for that, he did fall for Togame in the end. If there’s anything he could do, he wouldn’t mind changing just so the older man won’t throw him aside. “Even thought I’m not like Satoru, enthusiastic, honest. But I–

Yorozu fell into Togame’s warm embrace…Well, that’s what I would like to have happened. The boy hugged Togame but with a pained expression, the latter pushed him away and responded, “High school kids are so annoying!

Yorozu: But I’ll be graduating in a year!
Togame: If you still say that (feel the same) a decade later, I’ll think about it.

Holding back his tears and devastation, the boy thanked Togame for the support he’s given and sprinted off into the rain, away from the man.

Yoshida who was eavesdropping told the director frankly that he’s mean. That he shouldn’t have said those words after Yorozu’s heart-felt confession when he actually likes the boy. Togame’s worried that if they were to go into a serious relationship, it’d ruin Yorozu’s life since he’s still in high school. Yoshida countered that high school was a peculiar period when one’s neither a kid nor an adult. That’s not to say that even as a kid, one wouldn’t be able to be in a proper relationship.

Togame told Yoshida to think about this. A straight man would definitely marry and have kids, a more ideal scenario for Yorozu. But the assistant countered that the decision should fall on Yorozu instead. Thus, the director revealed that that’s the reason why he’d rather wait 10 years to hear his confession again, if the boy feels the same.

Yoshida: Letting go of someone he loves like that, what the hell is he thinking?!

Reaching home drenched in rain (and tears), Yorozu hid his inner-turmoil from his family and locked himself in the bathroom to cry his hear out.

Yorozu: It hurts…
Yorozu: I’ve had enough.
[I hate myself. Hate Togame-san…]
Yorozu: I hate everything.

A few days passed, Yorozu still felt depressed. His friend (who I forgotten the name) noticed that too. He asked the boy out to play again, maybe another double date just like the summer festival. Immediately, Togame flashed before Yorozu’s mind and he politely declined the invitation.

His friend then asked Yorozu to accompany him to a temple. He wanted to pray for an omamori for Haruna (girlfriend?) because she’s in a competition (for winds instrument) and if they win they’ll be competing on nation level.

Even though he was rejected, Yorozu got an omamori for Togame too, praying for a safe journey. The director found the omamori in his mail box and stuffed it into his pocket with a somewhat strained expression. Thus, the chapter ends with that!


22 thoughts on “Daily Read: Castle Mango – Chapter 11

  1. Thank you for great summary. Poor Yuzuru~ the Togame’s reaction was somehow typical-thinking-too-much-worried-too-much kind of seme who was originally gay unfortunately fell for someone who wasn’t gay esp. when that person was young. Hope he know soon enough that waiting 10 years wasn’t a blessing and quite the opposite. I think we can only wait for new chapter to know.

    Congratulation! and good luck with finding job, btw.

    • You’re very welcome. :D And thank you! Hopefully it’ll be a smooth process since I’m here as an international student (fuck visa D8<).

      Omg, my thoughts exactly! Togame's reason for rejecting Yorozu's kinda disappointing. I was like hoping that Konohara-sensei wouldn't go down that route. I guess there's got to be cliche somewhere…

    • I don’t know why but I had the impression that the English version’s out already. DX Thank you! I do hope I’ll get one around the bay area. Too lazy to move…

  2. Thanks so much for the summary! I do really appreciate it as I could only look at the images and try to imagine what was going on, I guessed some of it but some parts were impossible for me hehe. You are awesome!

    Poor Yorozu. My heart was broken when I saw him crying like that, so much in despair! I was like, Togame, you fool!!!
    Now that everything is in the open (that Yorozu is not going out with anybody and that Yorozu is reciprocating Togame’s feelings), Togame behaves like this.
    I hope everything ends well as these two guys had gone through a lot in their lives.

    So…does this mean that there will be a 10-year skip in time? I wouldn’t mind though.

    Thanks again and have a good day!

    • ; – ; Lets kidnap Togame and tie him up onto Yorozu’s headpost!

      And you’re very welcome. I enjoy writing this out since I’m reading it and spazzing at the same time. XD

  3. This is becoming too annoyingly melodramatic. And lol, Konohara Narise should go ahead with making a decade timeskip. Then we’d have a real hardcore oyaji!BL in the next volume XDD

  4. Hi Cheezy… I’ve been coming back to your site every week since this chapter was released and of course… you do not disappoint. THANK YOU SO much for the summary. You are so awesome to do this. It means so much to us (illiterate yaoi lovers). IT made my day today. I love this story so much. It is one of the most original and well developed story. I even love that Yorozu and Togame are still struggling to figure out a way to be together because that means the story will continue. I understand Togame wanting to give Yorozu at a chance of a so called ‘normal’ life. You face so much more adversity living life as a gay man… I can’t wait for the next chapter and I can wait to read your summary! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

    • m(_ _)m I’m but a humble fujoshi, it’s really not a big deal. :D Besides, I love reading what you guys think about the plot too (while suffering through my not-so-appropriate-summaries).

      You’re welcome! LOL, no gay men are without a hurdle, I hope they do end up somewhat happy. Even if Yorozu really married, have kids, big house with white picketed fence…

  5. first of all, I would like to thank you for making this summary! Castle Mango was one of my favorites, and now that it is licensed no english chapters come out anymore. (not that I don’t want to buy them, I operate on the principle that you should support the authors, but the problem is they don’t sell it to my country, and shipping is too much for me to handle.) So enough ranting, but this chapter is so *sniffs*. Argh, I see a good ending, but the way these authors present their love story goes through my heart.

    • Oh, Castle Mango isn’t released in digital format too? What a bummer, they should just do that and in paperback too…

      *prays for the anticipated happy ending…* I do wonder when the series’ ending though. It’s already starting to feel rather dry with all the angst and frustrations. DX

      • thank you!~ some also recommended to me bookdepository.com, but the problem is my dad will check anything I ordered through shipping~ he might know i’m watching BL, I hope it can wait till I finish university… (btw, I have only 2 semester left to graduate!^^

  6. good luck for your job hunting!!! and congrats!!! ^_^
    thank you so much for your review,cheezy. ^o^
    you are the only one i’ve known that can translate it.
    i’m so sad seeing Yozoru :(
    i’m curious with the next chapter

    • ; – ; Job hunting, I think I’m more worried that US isn’t giving me the not-really-VISA for me to work with pay here.

      You’re welcome <3

  7. …Can I just say how thankful I am for your summary? -bows- I was struggling with reading the Chinese raws and could only get an idea of what was happening, but you gave the specific details! Thank you!
    And let me just say, 10 YEARS?! Togame must really love him. ;____; Go Yorozu! And hopefully sensei won’t really make it 10 years… but I mean, it’s up to her. Dx;;

    Thanks again, and good luck on finding a job. :D

  8. When I buy yaoi manga I make sure there’s smex in it but for Castle Mango I made an exception and I didn’t regret it one bit. This is one of the time where I wish I can read Japanese. The english manga is still on vol 1 and it seems that this will be a long story >.<

  9. i’m crying…sheesh. poor yorozu – poor togame-san. thank you for this chapter summary. my heart is so beautifully and painfully broken, ughhh. i hope the next installment has a ray of hope for the both of them being together…i really hope.

    stay cool and till next time!

    p.s. good luck on your job search!

  10. So this is the penultimate chapter how? Someone must be trolling. After all the angst they make us go through how can they end things so fast.

    • >’; Apparently so, was raging at how quick the story’s ending. Wasn’t even prepared for the ending with chapter 11. /WEEPS

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