Back and Raging

AKA cheezy’s first adventure with buying ebooks or the lack thereof. So let’s see here… Pretty sure I’ve been away for more than half a year? Moved back to wordpress instead of hosting on my own domain. Did I ever tell you how scary Google is when it comes to digging up someone’s hidden skeleton in closet yet?

Anyway initially I just wanted to microblog on tumblr, but gawd, I just got to talk about‘s ebook feature and read back to this post every few weeks to remind me not to use them.

Ebooks aren’t really the hottest thing to me. So this is probably why honto’s ebook reader sucked balls, being in the initial testing stage or what not! I’m just trying to console myself here. Or I’m the unlucky few who just can’t get it to work. If you’re experiencing the same problems as me, I’d suggest going to ebookjapan instead for their fully functional reader.

The story goes like this. I wanted to get Char@, which is Chara’s web magazine with Matsuoka Natsuki and Noichi Micro’s H.K. Drug Net manga series. Obviously I tried using honto first, since I have an account with them.


I did a search for Char@, clicked on the product, looked for the issue I wanted and clicked on preview to see whether it’s worth it or not.


Once I clicked on preview, it’ll automatically download (since I’m on chrome) a .shc1 file which I’ve never seen before. Obviously my initial thought was, “WTF IS THIS VIRUS” but turns out it’s the preview file.


Thus, I’d have to install honto’s own reader and to get there simply click on ビューアアプリについて. It was rather late last night anyway, so instead of reading that tl;dr, I did a cursory scan for keywords like “download ()”, “PC” and “64bit windows”.


And clicked on the pretty purple banner to download the program. Once I had the program installed (just click on next, agree and next all the way), I double clicked on the .sch1 file and it’ll automatically download the actual preview file into honto’s reader.


Ideally, once you’re in the program, you just need to click on read (読む) or double click on the title, and it’ll open the file. Ideally anyway. What happened though…



Basically the error was that I don’t have TTime viewer installed (even though I have it right now). So I went back to honto’s reader download page and read the damn thing.


They have a section for preview that says PC向け「立ち読み」に必要なブラウザプラグイン (Plugin needed for preview on PC’s browser) . I clicked on both blue links and they directed me to the same T-TimePlug site. For some reason, the Internet Explorer for Windows page doesn’t work (umm, I’m in Chrome ;D?) so I downloaded the version for Firefox instead.


Installation for T-Time Plug is kinda dumb, imho. First for installation directory, don’t set the path to Firefox’s plugin folder, it’ll crash the installer. Instead, leave it blank and it’ll extract the .dll file (the plugin) to the directory with the .exe file instead.


Next it’s time to play a guessing game because I just can’t bloody read the installer (region language’s in US English right now and I cbf to change my computer’s language for this).


Since at the end of installation it did not put the plugin in the right directory C:\*Program Files (x86)\*Mozilla Firefox\*Plugins (and newer version of Firefox doesn’t come with plugin folder anymore), I had to manually guess where to put them. Webapprt should be right folder but I ended up pasting the .dll file into four different folders; the root Firefox folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox), webapprt, components and made a new folder called “plugins”.


Finally I had the plugin installed. I know it worked ’cause if you go back to T-Time’s website, there’s a link in step 3 that allows you to check. Click on プラグイン動作確認ページ, it’ll lead you to a test page.


So after all that effort, IT STILL DID NOT WORK! I thought, obviously it won’t work since the plugin’s for Firefox, not Honto’s reader. No matter what I tried, the preview files fails to load on Firefox. And T-Time actually comes with the reader anyway. Does this mean even if I do buy a copy of the web magazine, it wouldn’t work?

This is why I rather buy a physical copy than to rely on technology. UGH! Anyway, if anybody did successfully purchase and read ebooks on, please impart your wisdom upon this unworthy soul. For now, I’ll avoid using for ebooks. If I’m desperate, I’ll go with ebookjapan. Yet to test if they accept foreign credit card but I do know they don’t allow us to printscreen. :D



2 thoughts on “Back and Raging

  1. Hi, I had the same problem, but I managed to fix it. During the T-Time installation, if you see a bunch of question marks, it pretty much means the installation is going to fail. Since I didn’t know which language system setting I needed to change, I modified both the “display format” and the “current language for non-unicode programs” to Japanese and it worked like a charm. I didn’t need to change the plug-in installation directory for Firefox, either. Try it out for yourself! :D

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