Reminder to Buy Them! – Part 01


Right, I’m officially moving out of the studio I’m staying in by the end of February. Depending on whether I’ll score a job in San Rafael or Seattle, I may have to move back to Malaysia. Mama and papa’s pushing me to do so for months. So yeah, I’ve finally repacked my books into separate smaller boxes so it’s easier for movers to move them. But that means, I won’t be able to read anything right now, BOO!

Anyway, I shall feast my eyes on some books and hopefully I’ll remember to buy them!


Kousaka Akiho and Kuriki Shinobu’s men-oppai obsessed manga, Oppabu Crown! I’ve only read Teoi no Kishi no Hanashi which I’m guessing should be part of the book since it’s about a man who’s infatuated with man-boobs, aka moobs. Gotta get another copy for mayu to translate.


Then it’s Yanagisawa Yukio’s title from onBlue, Tsumasaki ni Hi. I’m a little conflicted on whether or not to get this  since I didn’t really like some of the short story in the series and I’ve read all of them anyway from onBlue’s anthology. But for the sake of the ballerina, this shall be in my wishlist. For more preview: Link


Since I’m in onBlue’s website anyway, spam of books I need to own just because of the awesome cover. Kushuraru by est em (Kushurl?), Udakawa-machi de Matteteyo by Hideyoshiko and Shinjuku Lucky Hole by Kumota Haruko.


Then there’s onBlue vol 7 and vol 8 itself. :D


Anybody read Golondrina by est em yet? A story about a girl who attempts to slit her wrist when her lover betrayed her and she end up trying to become a matador. Sounds like an interesting plot but too bad, it’s just TOO BAD that the colour pages in Ikki aren’t printed in tankoubon format. Why can’t you share the saturation of est em’s happy colours with us, Ikki?!


I’m a big fan of Fuji Tamaki and vow to one day translate her Mr. Shiina no Seirei Nikki series. But that’ll probably take another decade, so I can keep on dreaming. Back to the topic, Fuji Tamaki’s latest title under Craft, Jyakuzure, Kousaten de…Frankly, I know nothing about it.

Then there’s volume 3 of Ninomiya Etsumi and Kannagi Satoru’s Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru. Shit’s hitting the fan! If I remember correctly by the end of volume 2, we’re down with ten  more misfortunes. This got me thinking, are we going to have to wait ’til volume 12 for the last misfortune? If so, the story’s seriously dragging on and on and on. I’m not sure what Kannagi has installed for us but sometimes, her writing just fails to capture me after the first few chapters. Yasashiku Koroshite, Boku no Kokoro wo that’s being drawn by Suzukura Hal was a let down. I blame it on Suzukura Hal, her works are pretty but story, pacing and substance wise need a lot of work.


If you’re following me on twitter, you may recall me going on and on about Koushaku-sama no Hitsujikai (Duke’s Shepherd) by Akizuki Kou, illustrations by Maruya Kae. Obviously the first thing to grab my attention was the word hitsuji (羊), yet the sheep isn’t part of the main story. It’s a period novel about a young duke from a prestigious family in Europe meeting a shepherd who’s not a shepherd on his way back home when he was kicked out of the monetary for breaking rules regularly. Phew, that was long. Sounds like something out of a Merlin fanfiction so…


riverendI know it’s sad to say this but I’ve not read the last chapter of Konohara Narise and Ogura Muku’s Castle Mango yet. So yeah, all the more reason to get that. I’m not sure if the new River End novel has most of the illustration that came with the extra booklet (middle pic), but I shall hope! It’s really sad to read about Togame’s struggles back during high school and his failed love life with Ninomiya.

Not to mention Konohara Narise has a way with words when it comes heart-wrenching scenes. Not overly cheesy and corny but still strikes a chord to the heart. One of few light novel writer whose work doesn’t seem like reading a Japanese version of 50 Shades of Grey. I highly recommend everybody to read Utsukushii Koto which is brilliantly executed and made me cry. No light novels ever made me cry!


I’ll definitely get this one day, the manga adaptation of Deadlock by Takashina Yuu and Aida Saki. I ranted about the series the other day, I also want to say that I had so much fun translating the first two chapter of the manga for Echochi (just that cleaning the manga from Chara’s tissue paper quality prints is just torture) because it’s not the usual “my heart’s beating so fast for so and so” kind of thing but lots of court proceeding, prison and cop talks. Just wow. Greenskin and rusty let loose with all the lingo too. Overall a fun project we were sad to drop but yeah. I’m glad we did when we could since the series got licensed by DMG now shitty quality here we come!.


Two of Aida Saki’s gaiden novels I should get: Hard Time (illustrated by Takashina Yuu) and Outface (illuatrated by Kasai Rikako who should draw more manga!). The main character of Hard Time, Dug (or Doug) is a colleague of Paco, Yuuto’s elder bro, in Los Angeles PD’s Homicide Department. He’s investigating a murder case whose first suspect is a famous mystery novelist, Louis something. For some reason I don’t know yet, Dug seems to be very sure Louis isn’t involved in the murder and he’s somewhat infatuated with the suspect. So he looks to Yuuto for guidance since he’s dating another man. Then Louis is under the protection of a bodyguard who’s Dick himself?! Oh well, when there’s a copy of this out, I’ll get it, preferably bunko version instead of the huge tankoubon.

It’s going to take some effort to read Outface since I really dislike this yakuza pairing from Double Bind. Probably they’ll be more useful in the later volumes I’ve yet to read but yeah, Shindou and Hatori, you guys need to be less of an ass.


It’s really funny that I’ve not read Flesh & Blood past volume one but I’ve been reading the gaiden (extra) stories about their past and what not. It’s out of order but you won’t get lost if you read the other gaiden first. Ou to Yoteichou (Nightingale) by Matsuoka Natsuki and illustrated by Aya, however, is an extra about the time Kaito spent in Felipe II’s palace when Vincent kidnapped him.


Okay less crap from me, more pictures! Tsutomu, Tsutomu, Tsutomu! Aozora★Wars and Haru no Nioi! Aozora★Wars is about the love life of a teacher and a trainee teacher. Tamaki’s posted to an elementary school where he meets a shaggy looking delinquent teacher. Haru no Nioi is a collection of short stories by Tsutomu.

tangoLost of people seems to be talk about The Man of Tango, The Final (Tango no Otoko) by Okadaya Tetuzoh. Someone on was kind enough to list out titles that is in this complete compilation. Apparently the last (new addition) short, Libertango, is gut-wrenchingly good and I do love Astor Piazzolla (one of my favourite musician of all time and he’s god on bandoneon) Libertango, too. :D

猫っ毛小樽_cvAnother extra, this time it’s Kumota Haruko’s Itoshi no Nekokke, Otaru’s Arc. Just check out Kumota Haruko’s site for more info.

BBCDx_kidunatsuki_yukimurasensei_cover_5cI’ve mentioned this everywhere but Kizuna Tsuki’s Yukimura-sensei to Kei-kun is a must get! A lot of Kuroba fujofans should be familiar with her doujinka handle, Gusari under the circle Shishou. Recently I was translating her Hetalia DJ, Usotsuki no Shita de and gawd, her little character talk killed me. But we have to wait ’til greeny to get her internet set up before we can release that.

hanabatKojima Lalako has a couple of books out or coming out recently. One’s Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi (pic) and Yumeyume Shinjuu.

lalako0Then I have a whole bunch to get from last year ’cause I’m still in the middle of banning myself from buying too many manga. From left to right, we have Kimi ni Utsuru Hoshi, Amakute Shinjau yo and An no Ko to Juliet. If I’m not mistaken about Ano no Ko to Juliet, there should be a short story about a boy who lent his body to a female spirit so she could met her boyfriend again. It’s so cute in a sad way! has several preview pages for Amakute Shinjau yo and the back cover’s illustration is just too adorable for words!

conbiniKanco is virtually unknown to me but her debut release, The Convenience Store looks so damn cute! Saeki, who’s the president of a design studio, is in love with a convenience store worker, Seo. Whenever he’s near Seo, he’ll loose control of his voice, blush from head to toe, start to palpitate and pant violently. When Seo acknowledges him,he’ll feel dizzy. Yet, Seo’s always kindly accommodating him. But that’s not all there is to Seo, who’s in discord with his family and Saeki can’t help but to worry about him. So anyway, konbini love story that’s nothing like Koshino’s Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun. :D Got to look out for this.


I love collecting manga by illustrators who mostly draws light novels. Takasaki Bosco is one of them. Itoshii, to Iukoto is her first manga debut tankoubon and according to a review on, book filled with Ero-gag short stories. Since it’s printed under Bamboo Comics label, it’s not such a big surprise. Remember Kasai Ayumi’s shuuru manga, Otoko no Hanamichi? Now I shall wait and see how gaggy it is.

I should stop here for today. I’ve spent hours writing this post. Time to grab dinner!


4 thoughts on “Reminder to Buy Them! – Part 01

  1. Woohoo, you’ve got a long to-buy-list huh ^^ I like Kojima Lalako very much, since her art is similar to one of my favourite artist: Amemori Gigi. Last year I bought her 2 new books (Ano ko and Amakute). Well, they’re indeed very cute but…I got bored of them pretty fast cuz they are all the same: cute, fluffy with a little angst which is not very memoriable. But it was still worth the money cuz the art and the covers (s’pecially the Animate limited cover of Ano ko XD) are so damn amazing XD.
    And I think you should consider buying Amemori Gigi newest book: Crystal Palace, which will be published soon (2/15/2013). I’ve only read the first 3 chapters but I think it’s very interesting (and the art is god damn sexy and ero ero XDD).
    Oh ohhh, and Yoneda Kou too ( ; A ; )

    • Amemori Gigi! I love her works, too! They look cute but the content is always filled with angst. Kinda different from Lalako in that sense. I’ve only read the first chapter of Crystal Palace from Gateau. I think Greeny wants to pick that up since we’re working on some of her Hetalia doujinshi right now. :D Yoneda Kou’s yakuza title!

    • Oups, sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been reading/buying manga for many years. And yeah, I don’t have Given as well. :’D Sorry about that.

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