Sensei no Otori Yose by Nakamura Asumiko & Eda Yuuri


Quick write up in case I forget about it (I totally will). While I was stuffing myself silly with okonomiyaki, korokke and rice for dinner, a surprising feed popped into my Google Reader today. Sensei no Otori Yose is a collaboration project between Nakamura Asumiko and Eda Yuuri. You can read it for free here >> Link <<

So far there are only two chapters but it’s enough to get me hooked. Right before I forget, chapter 1 is a manga, while chapter 2 is a novella with illustrations drawn by Nakamura-sensei.

otori3Otori Yose (おとりよせ/お取り寄せ) in this case means to order something and have it delivered to you. The story follows the “otori yose life” of a sarcastic (tsundere to the max) porn writer, Enomura Haruka and a sensitive mangaka who draws gigantic boobs, Tanaka Miruku. Generally authors, creators, artists and etc are, in Enomura’s own words, beings that never leave their homes (とかく家をでない生き物である). Having the option to order something online and delivered right to your door step (otori yose – おとりよせ) is simply just so convenient.

otori1O.m.g! The things they buy looks so damn delicious! In chapter 2, it’s all about cakes. Like Club Harie’s baumkuchen and Potager’s carrot chocolate fran!


Enomura, as a tsundere megane moe character, is just too cute for words! Like a cat who hisses at you outwardly but inside, he’s all cute and cuddly, vying for love. He has wits to go with his sharp tongue and straight forward personality. Ahem, just too bad this isn’t BL. Enomura has some weird obsession with boobs.


Especially those drawn by Tanaka, who he’s a not-so-secret fan of. Tanaka’s a tsundere hige ossan moe (bearded old man) who isn’t afraid to show his dramatic side and also a fan of Enomura’s books.


Being fans of each other’s works and having sweet tooth isn’t all the things they have in common. Beautiful woman with right amount of chest size is all the motivation they need to get things done.

Other than Koi to wa Yobenai, this is one of my favourite of Eda Yuuri’s works. Seriously, the characters are just so lovable! It’s really surprising to read something this humourous, almost a gag by Eda Yuuri. After all, I set off reading this thinking it’s going to be another mangaka BL but ended up with something entirely different. Of course, being under Kurofune Zero should have been an indication that it isn’t BL. Oh well! Nakamura Asumiko did an awesome job with the characters’ expression, especially on the two editors.

Highly recommend this to anybody looking for something with a hint of humour and slice of life. :D


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