Reminder to Buy Them – Part 02

Here’s part two of my “Reminder to Buy Them” series. I just realise I have backlog of books I need to get since August last year. I bet most people already have their hands on these titles. Going to have to keep it short today because internet’s being extremely slow!


I remember one of my new years resolution was to avoid buying manga with dumb plot, but I just can’t suppress the need to get Ajimine Sakufu’s Hitokohi Someshi. Ajimine Sakufu’s works are kinda like Tamaquis Wren. They set up good settings with lots of potential, not to mention pretty art, but they just fail at story writing. It’s one of the I shall buy this for eye candy thing like one of my personal favourite, Tamaquis Wren’s Secret Flight series. I have fetish for men in uniforms! Anyway, previews for Hitokohi Someshi is available at :D


Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu and The Killer by Kanai Kei. Her story-telling isn’t something that’ll drive home to but at least her art style’s really gorgeous. Some reason I remember reading Kyouju before but can’t recall the story.


La Reine Margot, or Ouhi Margot by Hagio Moto! An adaptation of sorts of Alexandre Dumas I presume? The first chapter’s up for preview on You.


Amemori Gigi’s long awaited debut tankoubon, Crystal Palace! They fixed the English spelling from the first chapter. It was written as Crystal Pales. I’ve yet to read past chapter one but I hope they keep up with all that angst and blood!


Hakutou Noriko’s Suki, Kamo has some pretty good reviews about it on amazon. Going to get this to test out this mangaka’s work. :D


My Home My Darling by Konno Satomi got some pretty mixed reviews even though the mangaka’s other work, Ameiro Koi Gokoro did pretty well . The cover looks adorable though and Kojima Lalako recommended it. Love in a real estate agency!


Next up is something for people like me who prefer relationship with large age gap! Shiawase wa Naniiro Desuka? by Mineshima Nawako is about an art student specialising in Japanese painting living with the oil painting associate professor! Spoiler, the professor’s the uke! Amazon reviewers are loving it, now I’m extremely intrigued!


Tsubaki (going to be hell to search for info on this mangaka)’s Mayoineko to Koi no Ashiato is another book with lots of good reviews, both on amazon and chil-chil.  It’s another student x teacher kind of story tied by a promise made years ago. Sounds like something we’ve surely read before, huh? If I’m not sick of cliche like this yet, I’ll have to check it out one day.


Mr Timid-Introvert Arashitani’s love relation with his senpai at work, Hosaka in Konjiki Runa’s latest tankoubon, Bara no Hanabira! Preview over at amazon looks interesting.


Last for today is Hino Garasu’s Renai Kidou spinoff or should I say continuation of its last story, Yuuhi ni Oyobu. Younger bro, I’ll be rooting for you!


4 thoughts on “Reminder to Buy Them – Part 02

    • Only 1?! I wonder what happened later on? Wonder if the story has an ending. ; w ; Greeny’s dangling the ending in front of my face but I didn’t want to be spoiled. Now I’m so curious why it did so badly. I’ll check out the review on amazon or chil-chil when someone posts them.

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