Hachigatsu no Soda Sui by Komatsu Shinya

soda-water_mainHachigatsu no Soda Sui or Soda Water of August by Komatsu Shinya is a story about a little girl, Lisa, who lives by the sea with her grandmother. The town’s design seems to be somewhere in Greece but actual location isn’t specified. With simple colour palette of blue and turquoise with a splash of yellow or orange, Komatsu Shinya brings you into Lisa’s whimsical world where strange, extraordinary things tend to happen around our heroine.

sodawaterChapters are pretty episodic. None of them seem to link to one another other than the appearance of Lisa and that weird stuff tends to happen to her. It could be supernatural beings popping out of nowhere, buildings sprouting feet, alternate world inside a ramune ball…

What I love about this slice-of-life work is definitely the art. The character designs and background illustration are absolutely adorable! Every chapter happens at different parts of the town, too!

Anyway, I shall end the shortest review ever with a link to the manga at Poco-poco: http://www.poco2.jp/comic/soda-water/


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