Reminder to Buy Them! – Part 01

Right, I’m officially moving out of the studio I’m staying in by the end of February. Depending on whether I’ll score a job in San Rafael or Seattle, I may have to move back to Malaysia. Mama and papa’s pushing me to do so for months. So yeah, I’ve finally repacked my books into separate smaller boxes […]

Aoi Aki’e Debut Tank & B’s-lovely’s New Labels

News we’ve been waiting for! Aoi Aki’s first tankoubon release is coming out end of next month, May 26th! The title’s Tsumasaki ni Kourouzu (爪先に光路図). I don’t know about the story but the art is more than enough to rope me in. Click the link below for the pop! There’s some samples on Aoi Aki’s […]

Syrup [Bitter] ~ Male Crossdressing Anthology

The main theme for Syrup [Bitter] is “us in skirts and white shirts”. The anthology features a lot of artist with vastly diverse style. Reading this anthology is like a roller coaster of emotions. Some of the story touches on the trial and turbulent of males who faces decimation for cross dressing, some does it just so the […]