January, February & March Orders

Ah crap, this is going to be a long post because I’m compiling drafts I’ve left unattended for months. Anyway, I’ve actually placed order one of the bigger box since December. They’ve only arrived this month because BK1 has to wait for some pre-orders. I haven’t read half of them yet. First to arrive was […]

Manga to Look Forward to – January 2012

There are so many exciting new titles coming out next month, especially Koi to wa Yobenai! This post is killing me so badly but at least I can keep a backlog of stuff to buy in another 5 and half months. Or… I should just buy these and Kazuki Yone’s artbook before it runs out […]

Shedding Tears and WTF BL

Libre’s pimping their new anthology, Nakeru BL (Moved to Tears BL) which is slated to be on sale March, next year. Just like DameBL, Nakeru BL will pick stories of any settings of people crying (LOL) from twitter and select some mangaka or author and turn it into a short story. Their little promo/tag line’s […]