Reminder to Buy Them! – Part 01


Right, I’m officially moving out of the studio I’m staying in by the end of February. Depending on whether I’ll score a job in San Rafael or Seattle, I may have to move back to Malaysia. Mama and papa’s pushing me to do so for months. So yeah, I’ve finally repacked my books into separate smaller boxes so it’s easier for movers to move them. But that means, I won’t be able to read anything right now, BOO!

Anyway, I shall feast my eyes on some books and hopefully I’ll remember to buy them!

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Daisan no Kagemusha by Kurofuji Hirotaka & Nanjou Norio


Daisan no Kagemusha depicts the struggle of Kyounosuke, a kagemusha for the feudal lord, Ikemoto Yasutaka. Kagemusha are decoys, picked and trained to be exactly like someone in power (let’s say a feudal lord, yeah?), usually as a strategy to trick their enemies or have a foothold over their allies. They have the same feature and build as the person they’re imitating.

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Tenchi Meisatsu by Maki Ebishi & Ubukata Tow


Tenchi Meisatsu is originally a novel by Ubukata Tow, the man behind Soukyuu no Fafner novels. There’s a movie adaptation coming out sometime last year, starring V6’s Okada Junichi. I’ve never read the novel nor watched the movie so the review here will only be applicable to Maki Ebishi’s manga adaption that’s still on-going in Afternoon magazine.

Keeping it short and simple, the setting for Tenchi Meisatsu should be around early 1600s (I’m guessing it’s 1620s till 1690s) during the Edo period. The focus is on Shibukawa Harumi(渋川春海) who is a Go player for the Shogun, as well as a famous astronomer, mathematician, scholar, and I guess, a jack of all trades. The manga follows Harumi from around the age of twenty until late forties, detailing his journey to create a more accurate calender for the Shogun.

If you Google Shibukawa Harumi, you’ll find that he was a very important figure that helped shaped Japan.

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Back and Raging

AKA cheezy’s first adventure with buying ebooks or the lack thereof. So let’s see here… Pretty sure I’ve been away for more than half a year? Moved back to wordpress instead of hosting on my own domain. Did I ever tell you how scary Google is when it comes to digging up someone’s hidden skeleton in closet yet?

Anyway initially I just wanted to microblog on tumblr, but gawd, I just got to talk about‘s ebook feature and read back to this post every few weeks to remind me not to use them.

Ebooks aren’t really the hottest thing to me. So this is probably why honto’s ebook reader sucked balls, being in the initial testing stage or what not! I’m just trying to console myself here. Or I’m the unlucky few who just can’t get it to work. If you’re experiencing the same problems as me, I’d suggest going to ebookjapan instead for their fully functional reader.

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Daily Read: Castle Mango – Chapter 11

Thesis is over (well, almost) and I’m finally done with my education. Need to hunt for a job soon but before that, time to kick back and relax! Or at least finish my draft reviews. So without further ado, I’ll start with Castle Mango 11 which all I’m going to say is “GO! YOROZU!”

Recap: Chapter 10. Yorozu’s mothers discharged from the hospital, his relationship with Satoru improved, hotel room fixed and finally the big reveal which ended with Yorozu contemplating his relationship with Togame.

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Aoi Aki’e Debut Tank & B’s-lovely’s New Labels


News we’ve been waiting for! Aoi Aki’s first tankoubon release is coming out end of next month, May 26th! The title’s Tsumasaki ni Kourouzu (爪先に光路図). I don’t know about the story but the art is more than enough to rope me in.

Click the link below for the pop! There’s some samples on Aoi Aki’s site too.

Aoi Aki’s Site:

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