Reminder to Buy Them – Part 02

Here’s part two of my “Reminder to Buy Them” series. I just realise I have backlog of books I need to get since August last year. I bet most people already have their hands on these titles. Going to have to keep it short today because internet’s being extremely slow! I remember one of my […]

Reminder to Buy Them! – Part 01

Right, I’m officially moving out of the studio I’m staying in by the end of February. Depending on whether I’ll score a job in San Rafael or Seattle, I may have to move back to Malaysia. Mama and papa’s pushing me to do so for months. So yeah, I’ve finally repacked my books into separate smaller boxes […]

Back and Raging

AKA cheezy’s first adventure with buying ebooks or the lack thereof. So let’s see here… Pretty sure I’ve been away for more than half a year? Moved back to wordpress instead of hosting on my own domain. Did I ever tell you how scary Google is when it comes to digging up someone’s hidden skeleton […]

January, February & March Orders

Ah crap, this is going to be a long post because I’m compiling drafts I’ve left unattended for months. Anyway, I’ve actually placed order one of the bigger box since December. They’ve only arrived this month because BK1 has to wait for some pre-orders. I haven’t read half of them yet. First to arrive was […]

Musing With Bibari & Rui

Recently, someone on Yshare shared a link to all the latest Bibari & Rui episodes, each of them roughly five to six minutes long. At first I was really skeptical because seriously, have two comedians, whom I’m quite familiar with, acting in a gay office mini skit is… Well, you get the picture. But, surprise, […]