Reminder to Buy Them – Part 02

Here’s part two of my “Reminder to Buy Them” series. I just realise I have backlog of books I need to get since August last year. I bet most people already have their hands on these titles. Going to have to keep it short today because internet’s being extremely slow! I remember one of my […]

Reminder to Buy Them! – Part 01

Right, I’m officially moving out of the studio I’m staying in by the end of February. Depending on whether I’ll score a job in San Rafael or Seattle, I may have to move back to Malaysia. Mama and papa’s pushing me to do so for months. So yeah, I’ve finally repacked my books into separate smaller boxes […]

Aoi Aki’e Debut Tank & B’s-lovely’s New Labels

News we’ve been waiting for! Aoi Aki’s first tankoubon release is coming out end of next month, May 26th! The title’s Tsumasaki ni Kourouzu (爪先に光路図). I don’t know about the story but the art is more than enough to rope me in. Click the link below for the pop! There’s some samples on Aoi Aki’s […]

More Previews for NakeruBL

Headline says it all! Animate made a special page for NakeruBL which definitely has way more info and tidbits compared to the main site. Animate link: Official NakeruBL link: On that animate page, they’ve added summaries for all the short stories. I can’t wait to read Yamashita Tomoko’s “乾いた人生” (dried up life) story […]

Koshino's New Femi-Otoko Title Out Soon!

Moriya and Yoshitake, the ever master of hentai, star in Koshino‘s new high school love comedy, Bukatsu no Kouhai ni Semarareteimasu. This new title promises top Koshino-quality hilarious moments between a perverted kouhai and his beloved senpai. Since I’m severely obsessed with Koshino, her new title, Bukatsu no Kouhai ni Semarareteimasu, deserve a post of […]