The Person Behind the Lamb

Hello! Cheezy here. You may or may not know me but I tend to only mingle with people who shares the same interest as me (which is quite a lot seeing that I love lots of things <3 LOL). Other than being a place for me to talk about my latest interest, this blog is also used to promote manga that I think deserves more recognition. I'll try not to write about titles that have already been reviewed by others but sometimes, I can’t help but to mention them because they really are that good.



I am lamb or sheep obsessed. If you want me to play any games with you, just show me a screenshot of a lamb/sheep in-game, I’ll be with you in the next second. That and I follow this Japanese hitsuji (sheep) blog very closely. And more photo of my little lamb here.


I’m not very picky with what I read manga wise, but I do tend to avoid shotacon, lolicon or yuri. My favourite genre has got to be historical/period. I love watching Taiga drama (period drama).

Don’t ask me to recommend manga on top of my head because I don’t remember titles very well and I read a little too much manga to be healthy. You’ll most probably hear me recommend titles that are not scanlated or titles that people have already mentioned.

My favourite mangaka is Koshino. She has almost everything I look forward to in a manga, mainly pubic hair! *Cough* I read just about anything, from seinen, to shoujo to BL to even, hentai once in a blue moon. As long as the manga’s interesting, I’ll read them.

Maybe you’ll understand my taste more with some manga meme?
BL manga meme:


I am a sucker for pretty drawings. Spend quite a lot on artbooks and what not. I also tend to buy books without reading what’s inside. Very bad habit I’m trying to curb right now. Thank god publishers started putting preview pages on their site.


I’m currently an international student studying in US. Hopefully I’ll get a job here. Quite a lot of people asked me this what I’m studying right now. It’s visual effects. My focus is environment rendering and matte painting.


Yes, I do scanlate (the whole shebangs), sometimes. But, I don’t think you’ve heard of the group/groups I worked for/with. Lies.


I used to buy manga from Kinokuniya, until I’ve found the wonders of online shopping, SAL shipping and pre-orders. Here’s a list of sites I buy from:

BK1 – Personal favourite
Yesaisa – When I missed bk1 pre-order dates
Ichigo-candy – Keira’s shop. Sells used books in US for dirt cheap price. Ships with media mail too.

Here’s my little tutorial on how to buy from BK1:
Part 01 – Register
Part 02 – Login and User Account
Part 03a – Purchasing: Searching to Stuff to Buy
Part 03b – Purchasing: Shopping


Quite a lot of people asked me this, what language do I speak? Well, my mother tongue’s Mandarin (Chinese), main language’s English, national language’s Malay, main dialect is Hokkien, haggling dialect’s Cantonese and… that’s it. I don’t ever speak Japanese because I sound so damn awkward. Heck, my Mandarin’s so awkward that I have to speak English with my Taiwanese and Chinese friends.

So what language do I speak? Rojak language aka Manglish. Mangalish is uniquely Malaysia (not the same with Singlish) and a mix and match of everything you can think of and 60% to 70% of the sentence has to be some form of English.


Other places you can reach me

I am pretty approachable and you don’t have to be uber formal with me, even when you’re emailing me. In fact, I prefer it if you’re not formal at all.

Food Blog:
Sheep Blog:
Email: kumagoro87*gmail()com (replace * with @, and () with period)

If there’s any question you would like to know about me, just ask. o/

PS: Kuro, I found a place to stuff my lamb picture :D


17 thoughts on “The Person Behind the Lamb

    • LOL, kuki, I thought you’re my friend already. :D! And yeah, we can’t be friends if you didn’t message me in the first place /hugs kuki

  1. Hiya kambing biri-biri! Found u by accident when i was browsing for ‘istana mangga’. It’s a huge pleasure to meet fellow Malaysian who loves manga and willling to blog about it. I hope we can be friends!

    • XD Kambing biri-biri, been a while since someone said that. I missed home so much! Yeah! I’d love to meet a fellow Malaysia too!

  2. Hi!
    I shall be closely following you.
    Though I must say, I am surprised that you’re reluctant to speak Japanese, seeing as Mandarin and Hokkien is so much harder to speak.

    • Hello Mito! I guess it problem is nobody speaks Japanese with me and when I do speak with my bf, he’ll always look at me funny ;-;!

  3. Cheezy, happy belated Chinese New Year! What did you do during the NY’s eve?
    I hope you had a great time, even if you were away from home.

    Post more, please!

    • Hey Julia, Happy Chinese New Year to you too, if you’re celebrating it. :D I went to my friends place to have chicken party, lol.

      ;=; I will! Lol, been writing drafts but didn’t post them yet. Should get one done today before I sleep.

  4. I so miss the little lamb >< & I loooove the illustration of the lamb on the header XD
    me wanna re-befriend too ;P
    like the new blog ^^ & I'll make sure to bug you from time to time XD
    btw, I think the question box is brilliant idea!

  5. hi..I just found your website, and I love it. reading some manga reviews and your opinion about them is quite entertaining. I’m also a fujoshi here, have been reading yaoi since 2nd grade high school. I also have stayed in malaysia for hmmm 2 years i guess. Now I’m back to my country. do you mind if I want to add you in my twitter list? mine is @retromori I locked my twitter, if you want to follow me, I would be glad but it’s okay if you dont want since usually I put my rants there. ehehehe..nice to meet you pal.

  6. Heya ~ the link to “Ichigo-candy – Keira’s shop” no longer works! But It was exactly what I was looking for. Do you know if the url has changed or if you could recommend somewhere similar?

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