F-book and Pretty BL Covers

LOL, I’ve been meaning to write up about F-books for a long time, but things came up and it’s been sitting in my draft since forever, so I’m combining it with my other lovely rants. :D

If you don’t know who’s F-book (publisher’s Brite), it’s all right, don’t know know the publisher either. I’ve always though F-book only publishes doujinshi and novels, but man, I’ve been living under a rock for too long. They actually do have original series.

Their original BL anthology’s published under 2 labels, Q[kju:] and Bio (which promises high quality original BL stories according to their tag line XD).

As for Bio vol 01, if you squint at the cover you’d see that Yoneda Kou drew the cover illustrations. The rest… I don’t know them, maybe except Isaka Jyuugorou.

So far they’ve only published 3 tanks, from the left is Isaka Jyuugorou‘s Sore demo Kimi wa Warau to Itta, Tsutomu’s Punch Drunker and Kami to Pen by Yanagisawa Yukio (who’s also has a series running in onBlue right now). Click the individual links for summaries in Japanese and extra illustrations of what I guess is the back over?

Website: http://www.brite.co.jp/f/index.html
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/brite_f



Hertz updated their site with covers and previews of their upcoming manga. Just look for the orange 先読み for more previews and POP buttons too, I’ll stick some in just to tease you guys :D

bs-garden’s comic list: http://www.bs-garden.com/system/comics.php

Volume 2 of Black Sun Doreiou is coming out at the end of the month. Kinky was just spamming me with Black Sun spazz porn much? and I posted on tumblr about it too. I guess it’s a sign for me to buy the book, ne :D!

Byousoku Zero Mile by Moto Haruhira whom I accidentally thought it was Moto Haruko at first, sorry for the misleading info, kinky! who’s actually Moto Haruko! I was right!! Chil-chil’s interview with her: Interview

Even though I don’t like many of Natsumizu Ritsu‘s works, the over for Good Morning looks so drool worthy!

Finally, the tank I’ve been looking forward to, Karada Meate de Waruika by Koizumi Kiyo. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, I’m already drooling at the pop and the previews but I’ve already made my June orders, so it’ll be another month before I can see this baby. ;A;

I guess Kazuaki’s still working hard even though her website’s still down curse you 2ch jealous boys! After strings of GL and non-BL related news on Kazuaki, sensei finally going to release another BL novel she illustrated for Kagura Hinatsu, Itsuwari no Utahime. I bought their other collab work, Majin no Konin, and it’s actually pretty decent, which says a lot since I always complain about the light novels I bought for being bland and all around boring.

BTW, if you’re in Japan, I’m so freaking jealous of you right now. Why? Shimotsuki Kairi‘s having an autograph session on 16th of July from 12.30pm in Ikebukuro’s Animate. SO, don’t miss this chance to spazz in sensei’s face for me!

More info: http://www.comic-gene.com/blog/


2 thoughts on “F-book and Pretty BL Covers

  1. Nnngh!! I never heard of F-book but FUCK, it's gorgeous! :DD Everything looks so good and there seems to be so many artists that I haven't seen before -excited- Btw, I totally loled at the the tag line: high quality original BL stories??! XDDDD

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